Saturday, January 28, 2012

What it's all about....

Today was an INSPIRING day.

I put the word inspiring in caps because it's the only way I can convey through technology that it was super inspiring. 

Not your run of the mill inspiring.  A knock down, blow your socks off, rock your boat inspiring!


Today was the day we unleashed our awesomeness and let me tell you I am exhausted {smile}.

Not just because it's been two months of hard work putting this event together and not because the day was long, but because the amount of information that spun through my brain, the amount of healing and realization that occurred in my body within a six hour period was life changing! 

So therefore the body will need a rest!

At the end of the day I was looking around the room at the 45 people who attended the awesomeness summit and I wondered how this day affected them.  It will be different for everyone.  Some might not think it affected them at all.  Others might be doing everything they can to contain their overwhelming excitement at the limitless possibilities in front of them.

I would be in that second category.  Personally, I need a two day nap!  I went from feeling fine and presenting my information to experiencing a migraine headache, exhaustion and then full energy again within a six hour period.

The shifts that occurred in that room were palpable.  You could feel everyone coming into their own awareness and it was amazing to be a part of it.

To everyone who attended.  You are the most courageous people I know!  You stepped WAY outside of your comfort zone today.  You totally rocked it AND you proved to yourself and the Universe that you are ready to get on with it!

I am so proud to know each and every one of you and I trust we will meet again.

To the women who stood with me today and gave it 110% for the benefit of everyone in the room and everyone in our community.   I am honoured to call you friend.  I am honoured to be a part of a team of women who believe in positive change and believe that they can be that change.

That's what it's all about!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


There's a woman I know. 

She reads my blog posts all the time and I frequently get the most heart-felt, love filled messages from her about how much I inspire her and how much she appreciates me.

What she doesn't know is that her story inspires me.  Her messages motivate me to keep going and keep doing what I do.  Hearing her story and knowing that each day I could have an impact on her keeps me aware of who I am and what I want to put out to the world every day.

Since the day we launched the Unleash Your Awesomeness Summit she has been in contact with me, ensuring me that she is doing what she can to get to this event.

This year my friend has been homeless.  Without a husband.  Without money.  Without gas for her car.  Without food.  And most days, without hope.

Through it all she has kept a strong faith in God. 

When it came to attending the event, she told me she just  knew she had to be there, that she had to surround herself with like minded people who could help her up to the next level of her journey.

She is who this summit is about.  It's not about me, Heather, Kelly or Rosemary.  It's about YOU and your willingness to know you are worth the time, money and effort it will take to do the thing that will change your life.

This summit is about showing you WHO you are and the gifts you can offer this world.  That can be scary (trust me, I know!) but it is also totally worth it!

She's so excited and will be stopping by tonight to pay for and pick up her ticket! 

I have to say that to know where she has been, to hear her story and to know the hardships she has faced, I am completely and utterly honoured that she would choose to spend the day with me on January 28 to learn more about how she can unleash her awesomeness and take the world by storm!

Will you join us?

Ticket sales end Wednesday @ midnight!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Harder than it looks...

Yesterday was a day of extreme emotion.

It started with laughter, light hearted fun and connectedness.  It ended with tears of pain and sorrow.

We knew there was a video of the attack on my son.  It hit YouTube late last night.

Have you ever watched your son get beat by a boy that has no respect for himself or anyone else?

It's sickening, heartbreaking, body numbing.  And it takes your breath away but not in one of those "oh what a beautiful mountain" ways, more like a "oh my God, that's my son being kicked in the ribs and I can't do anything to stop it from happening" way.

It's an extremely vulnerable place to be.

I watched that video (YouTube removed it) and felt defeated for a time.  I've done everything I can to empower my children and here was one of them, being beaten down and I watched with my hands tied because I can't turn back the clock.

Earlier this week I made the decision to recommit to focusing my energy on non-violent empowerment for youth.  I had been doing it for years and then my focus turned to other things.  After viewing multiple videos regarding bullying and watching the Gandhi movie a couple of weekends ago.  I realized that change must happen.  Bullies aren't going to go away.  But empowering youth to do the right thing in a bullying situation, teaching them to stand firm in their belief in themselves and nurturing self confidence can make a huge difference in how many lives bullying destroys. 

Yesterday's events confirmed my passion for this topic.

And while I felt defeated, one thing truly stood out while I watched that video.  Not once did my son fight back.  Now I know most parents would want their child to protect and defend themselves.  My son knew there was no reason for violence, he hadn't done anything wrong and was happy to walk away and hope this kid settled down.  He was pulled down.  Punched and kicked, all the while saying "I'm not going to fight you".  He stayed in his integrity, he stood firm in his values and morals that violence is not the answer.

In the moment it might look like cowardice to some.  But to me I see strength, resilience and courage. 

God!  That's amazing!

As my son was trying to convince me to let him stay home from school today I explained to him that if something happens at school, if he is hit again, or hurt again I will do the same thing I did yesterday, today.  I will report the behaviour one by one by one for as long as I have to do that until someone gets the picture that we've all had enough of this bullshit.

This is all much harder that it looks by the way.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Standing Up!

I don't even know if I should blog about this or if I am 'allowed' to.  But I just can't keep it to myself.  So here it is.

Today, while visiting with a friend I got a phone call.

It was my son. 

His voice shaking. 

"Mom.....can you come and get me?"

He wouldn't tell me what was wrong and totally melted down when I got him into the truck.

He had been assaulted on his way home from school by a kid who apparently was purposely following him because he talked to a girl that this other kid liked.  This kid was accompanied by many others.  One who video'd the entire attack on his cell phone.

He was grabbed by the neck, thrown to the ground, punched in the neck and kicked in the ribs repeatedly.

He got away when one of the friends he was walking with interjected and ran into a nearby public school for safety.

I looked at my son.  And I said to him "we have to go to the police".  I knew he wouldn't want to.  What kid wants to go talk to police about just getting beat up?  My gut was telling me to help him stand up and show him that there are ways to empower yourself in the face of violence.  You don't fight back with force, you fight back with your brains and hopefully by taking the proper steps you help someone to change their ways and live a better life as well.

He was so embarassed by the attack that he just wanted to go home.  I asked him if going home would help him feel empowered and in control of his life.  He said 'no'.  I asked him if he thought going home and doing nothing would end this inappropriate violence.  He said 'no' again.

We headed to the OPP and spoke with an officer who was extremely comforting to my son and commended him on his courage for standing up for himself in this way.  She gave him tips on how to handle any situations that might arise and that she would notify school officials as soon as possible so that they could also be aware of the situation at hand.

As we left the station, I could feel his relief and I asked him how he felt.  He looked at me and he said "I feel good."  And I answered "That's because you just did something really good, you stood up for yourself, you empowered yourself instead of letting this boy beat you down."

Do I think this is the end of it.  No.

Do I hope that it is.  Yes

If we do nothing, nothing changes. 

I didn't go to the OPP arms raised yelling and screaming about the unfairness of life.  I let my son talk to an officer and I only spoke when asked a question.  She discussed options rationally and fairly.  He was given the opportunity to see that there are processes in place that can help him and keep him safe. 

This is how you teach your child to take responsibility for their safety.  I am so glad that I have learned this over the years.  I am so glad that I am able to share this with my son.  I am so glad he is safe!

WAY out of my comfort zone!

By now it's no secret that I am part of a group of fabulously talented women who have birthed the Unleash Your AWESOMEness Event.

In the beginning when we all sat down together to throw some ideas around, we found we had many things in common.  One of them being that we had all dreamed of being part of an event this big!

As you all know, having a dream and bringing it into your physical reality are two totally different things.

There are fears and beliefs you need to wade through to get the confidence to do such a thing.  Thankfully I have a team working with me so we are all supporting eachother through whatever emotion we are feeling in the moment.  And let me tell you there have been many!

I've gone to many events like the one we are hosting on January 28.  Paid lots of money to travel to see certain people speak and learn from the best of the best.  So, the bar has been set pretty high in my mind.

And sometimes I feel like I am WAY outside of my comfort zone.  It's uncomfortable like a wool sweater against bare skin, sometimes it's itchy and sometimes you just want to take it off and run as far as you can from it.

Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating....but not by much!

I'm learning through this experience that going outside of your comfort zone is the only way to make any real progress, to make any real dreams come true.

It means maybe spending money you don't feel worthy of spending on yourself.  It means admitting that you would love to be in a room full of people who think, feel and see just the way you do.  It means being strong enough to stand up and say 'I'm not going to take this shit anymore!' and 'damn it!  I deserve a better life than this!'

You're awesomeness is just dying to get out of that closet you've locked it in so it can be free, play and have fun!

And what I want everyone reading this to know is that your dreams are more than possible.  They are actually waiting for you to realize how simple it would be to just do it!

This event is for every man, woman and young adult who is looking for big things in their life.  There is something AWESOME living inside each and every one of us and trust me when I say that the unleash your awesomeness summit is the event that will bring your inner awesomeness out for the world to see.

And having just said that and re-reading it, I can sense how scary that might be for some people or maybe you don't think you are ready to embrace your awesomeness or maybe you don't think  you are awesome (that would be sad!).

I think 2012 is the perfect year to embrace your inner awesome.  I think it's about time you give yourself that gift and start really wowing the world with your gifts and passions.  Don't you?

1 day + 4 heart centered women = Pure Awesomeness!

Tickets are 50% SOLD OUT!  Get yours today @

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If only we knew.

Last night I dreamed of my deceased father and uncle.

They were playing with my boys inside what seemed to be a beautiful castle with white walls and fresh light everywhere.  In the middle of the room was a very large pile of gigantic colourful pillows, kind of like large bean bag chairs.  They were jumping and playing and wrestling with eachother ontop of this mountain of pillows, laughing hard.

It was so fantastic to watch this happening and at the same time I watched myself cling tightly to my fathers neck, bawling my eyes out and asking him not to leave me.

He was playing with my kids AND he was with me at the same time.

I knew he couldn't stay with us long.  I knew this was a special visit. 

I don't remember words being spoken, in fact even my pleas for him to stay were non-verbal.

When I woke up and I was sharing the dream with my husband, my eyes teared up and they are doing it again now. 

As I moved through my morning I realized how different I am feeling today.  I am feeling a burst of energy, I feel loved and appreciated and most of all I have a strong sense of my dreams and goals becoming a reality.

Was this his message to me?  To keep moving, have faith, stand strong in my hopes and dreams?  Maybe.

I think this is the message that all of our loved ones who have passed on have for us.  If we only knew the support and love that is flowing into our lives right this minute from a source we cannot see. 

If only we knew.

How would it change your day?  How would it change your plans for the future?  To have this message in your heart from a beloved.

I personally have strong physical support in this world as well, but there is something magical about having unseen forces urge you along your path.  Perhaps even smoothing the road a bit so it is more manageable.

Who in your life have you lost and what do you think they are whispering to you right now?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Have we all lost our minds????

So Sunday morning I open up my facebook to see a picture of a woman standing next to her son.  Her son is wearing a big sign that says "I lie, I steal, I sell drugs, I don't follow the law".

A local media guy was going to be presenting this story on his morning radio show and was asking what listeners thought about it.  His question "Are we too soft on our kids?"

This mom from Indiana is fed up with her 14 year old son's nasty behaviour (no doubt).  She says that when he's caught by authorities all he gets is a few hours of community service and she feels that punishment hasn't been enough since he hasn't changed his ways.
So, this story for me was shocking enough.  I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams no matter how badly my boys behaved putting a sign on them to shame and humiliate them into behaving better.

But then I read all of the comments by local followers, condoning this parental behaviour.  In fact going so far as to cheer this mother on, saying that our kids are 'too soft' these days, that the child deserves what he's getting, on and on and on.  Really? 

These might be the same parents that go to the school when their child is being bullied and take it out on staff.  Adopting kind of a 'no one else can bully my child but me' attitude.

As for the 'our children are too soft' comments.  Really?  Our children spend their days dodging bullies on playgrounds (and within their homes) and playing video games like Grand Theft Auto.  The lyrics to the songs they love promote violence, hate, racism and degradation.  The television shows they watch are putrid and further condone bullying and teasing of others and some of our kids are experiencing their friends taking their lives!

Too soft?  I think not!  If anything I think our children are in crisis and who is going to change this around if every parent in the world thinks that they need more humiliation and desensitization?

I shared this story with a friend who is a very talented, very caring child and  youth worker in the public school system and she said to me "and we wonder why we have a bullying epidemic".

Let me make this clear to you all.  Children are not born 'bad' they are not born with behaviours we don't appreciate.  They are born ready and willing to learn and guess who they are learning from?  You guessed it!  YOU!  If a child chooses behaviours that are out of this world nasty they are doing it because it's been shown to them and/or there is a deeper reason for it.  They are seeking something.  Usually they are seeking acceptance and love from the people in their lives.

I would love to poll the parents who responded to that facebook article and ask them how many of them have loving, strong relationships with their parents.  My guess is that very few of them do and even more, the reason would be that their parents shamed and humiliated them at some point in their lives and didn't accept and love them the way they needed.

I have taught children non-violent alternatives to bullying, peaceful thought practices for well over 10 years and everytime I see the light in these kids eyes turn on!  When we empower our children they make choices that enhance their lives.  When we degrade and humiliate our children they turn to other ways to get their needs met.  Simple as that.

I can't imagine how that boy felt, standing there with his head hung in shame.  I can't imagine the pain that he feels on a daily basis or how he is going to take that out on his future family or if he will even make it that far.

I think it's time we re-evaluate our positions as parents or the world is going to further into hell in a handbasket.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Magic Can Happen!

What happens when you get three passionate, creative and super intelligent women together?

You get an AWESOMEness summit!

By now you've all heard about the upcoming Unleash Your Awesomeness Summit in Windsor on January 28, 2012.

I have dreamed for years of being part of something this spectacular and life changing.

And while I dreamed, I never once imagined that it would be changing my life in the process.

First of all, working with Heather Chauvin, Rosemary Heenan and Kelly Cowan has been empowering and inspiring to say the least.

When the four of us get together to brainstorm and create it's like magic. 

In fact, just today my microphone wasn't working properly and so I had to type in my ideas through Skype and everytime I had something to say someone else in the group would automatically say exactly what it was that was going through my mind.  So my end of the conversation was alot of smiley faces and 'lol's :)

If that's not magical I don't know what is.

Besides that, on a personal level, a project of this magnitude makes you reconsider yourself. 

Stepping outside of your comfort zone and going where you never thought you could go before and finding out it's an abundant mountain of success is like being trained by a Jedi knight and fighting your first bad guy with your wicked mind powers!


And soon we'll be releasing a pre-event video that brought both tears and laughter because I know from where we all come and I know where we are all headed.  The video itself catches the essence of each of us, our passions, our internal worries and setbacks and what we wish for everyone who attends the event.

All I have to say is that the four women behind the  Unleash Your AWESOMEness Summit are here on this planet to give you everything they've got.  To steer you in the direction of your dreams and help you set sail on that journey.  We're not leaving anything out of this event!

If you have to miss this event because you have a prior commitment, we understand.  If you are free that day and you choose to miss it because you don't think you will benefit or you don't value yourself enough to attend.  Well, that will be tragic.

If you want to purchase tickets and receive a FREE intuitive angel message from yours truly (valid until January 8 @ 11:59pm).  Just visit our event page then send me a quick email letting me know you've purchased your ticket and I'll send you a personal intuitive message to your email address :)

I can't wait to see you!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Gotta love transformation!

Every once in a while you experience a moment where divine truth travels from your head to your heart.

It's in this moment that your heart opens, your eyes water and you realize just how fabulous life really is.

That's what happened last week when I spent time with Heart Power Coach, Rosemary Heenan.  I had booked a session with Rosemary a bit ago when I was in a very desperate place (I joked that she could probably have smelled the desperation in my email requesting an appointment).

Rosemary has a way of opening her heart to you and asking you just the right questions to get you living and breathing your truth.

Topic of discussion:  Self worth and self love.

Since going through my style makeover the day before I was feeling pretty good, I was also sitting in a pool of reality that I really haven't been giving myself any credit for my work as a mother or participant in this game we call life.

Apparently, I'm great at supporting others in their quest to self love but put my own self love needs on the back burner for far too long.

Clarity flooded in when we really broke down the worth and value of being a mother. 

You know the list of duties we perform each day for our families and the cost if someone outside the home were to have to provide services for these duties.

You see, my trouble is that there is no 'monetary' reward for stay at home mothering.  Money pays the bills, money buys you nice things and gets you nice vacations. 

What I had forgotten was the fact that I have been paid many times over in other ways.  Most importantly, my children are wise, healthy, strong, confident, kind and fun!  That feels as great as I'm imagining a million dollars to feel! 

I was also hit with the 'aha' that there is never a time when the Universe isn't rewarding you for your hard work.  There is an abundance of energy that is forever flowing into our lives.  Even when we don't think it is, it is! 

Though, I have always known this in my head (gosh, I've read enough books to know that by now!), I hadn't actually taken it into my heart as divine wisdom or a concept I was going to live by with every breath I took.  To be honest, I knew it existed because I saw it for others but I didn't feel I was worthy of receiving that same abundance. 

Silly girl!

I was fully aware in that moment of clarity that I had closed the door to receiving personal payment from the Universe (that stinky unworthy feeling again), I did become more deeply aware that the Universe still managed to find a way into my home and into my family, helping us to create a life that was magical without my awareness or my permission.


That in itself was a tremendous breakthrough and I could feel this new realization, this divine truth travel from my head into my heart where it made itself comfy cozy.  I could feel this energy tingle through my body and I just had to sit there and let it soak in.

Currently my body is processing all the changes I've made over the last few days by handing me a head cold and a feeling of whiplash in my neck and shoulders.

Transformation this deep weaves it's way through your entire body, mind and spirit.

When we live so deeply with our low self worth, the physical body responds to that low self worth through exhaustion, energetic vulnerability and illness.  So it makes perfect sense that when you heal those damaging beliefs about yourself your physical body will respond to that healing, releasing old energy that no longer belongs in your body (aka sneezing, runny nose and the like).

PS - I wanted to ask you.  What is it that you've been denying the Universe access to in your life?  It's waiting there with a cornacopia of abundance and prosperity for anything you need.  What belief are you holding onto that is keeping you from receiving?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finding Jenn

Last year around this time I was on a quest to find my true essence.  My inner goddess.

To dress on the outside the way I feel on the inside.  To speak my truth in my true voice.  To march to the beat of my own to speak.

Somehow I got side tracked.

Motherhood will do that to you when your personal goal isn't as important to you as your children's well-being and happiness.

In fact, until today I hadn't really realized how far back I had left myself.  How low my self-worth was.

On January 1 I made a promise to myself that I would do whatever it took to get back on my quest to find the real Jenn.

Today was the first step in doing that.

I hired my good friend and amazing 'Thrift Style Expert' Denise Rivait to come by and work her magic in my closet.

Denise is one of those women who has a natural sense of personal style.  Everything I see her in is something that looks fabulous and she totally rocks it!

So it was an easy decision to make to have her come in and give me a hand in finding my true self.

I was not expecting to have my entire closet wiped out! 

Okay, I did expect that.  I knew it was coming, nothing I wear feels like me, it feels drab.  As a 'stay-at-home-mom-preneur' I rarely spend good money on clothes, I wear what I have and make due until I can't stand it anymore, then I go shopping and buy whatever's in my path, just to bring it home and rarely wear it.

Seeing all of my clothes in the 'give away' pile was a sobering sight. 

If all that I've purchased in the past is not right, how in the world am I going to make sure I bring in clothes to wear that are going to scream 'this is Jenn!' now?

I sat down and I cried.

Not a bad cry, but a good cry.  A cry of realization that the adventure I was about to embark on was going to be one that would truly make me stand out.  I was finally going to own and wear things that aligned with my essence.

I'd have to say the greatest part about today's experience was the shopping.  Denise did a fabulous job of handing me item after item, stretching my imagination, ignoring my comfort zone and keeping me from the grey sweaters and comfy yoga pants...

We found some great deals, I walked through the mall with the biggest smile on my face and my heart filled with excitement for what this experience means for my future.

I am looking forward to tomorrow morning.  I am excited about getting dressed and slipping on my new knee high boots and funky jacket instead of throwing on the jogging pants and sweatshirt.

Stay tuned...there's definitely more to come on this topic :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

If your life was a book....

This morning I woke up looking for inspiration.

This is what I found.

I often find things that make me go 'hmmmm'.

Have you ever asked yourself the question that this speaker is asking?

If your life was a book and you were the author what would you want your story to look like?

It seems a simple question.  But it is oh so powerful!

Think about all the books you have read.  The fiction stories, the autobiographies, the comedies, the dramas, the self help stuff. 

Those authors put those stories out there.  How did those books change you? 

Now I want you to take this a step further and think about your life as a book you have written.  How will it affect others who 'read' it?

Everyone's story has the potential to inspire and motivate someone else in the world.

What if today you decided that you will conquer the thing that brings you the most fear?  What if you decided that your story was no longer going to be about being the victim but instead being the hero?  What if today you decided to take the first step in changing your lifestyle so that you were healthier and stronger? What if today you decided to do what your heart has always wanted to do but your brain has been talking you out of?

And what would making these decisions; changing your story, do for your life?

On this very first day of a brand new year.  These are the things I am thinking about.  Not resolutions, but story changers.

How about you?