Monday, February 15, 2010

Vulnerability and Truth

Have you ever examined your vulnerability to outside influences.

People, places, things can have an affect on you and throw you off balance, turn you in a direction you are not necessarily comfortable with or question your level of knowledge or sanity.

The more you know about what you are vulnerable to, the more power you have over them.

I believe vulnerability shows us where we need to toughen up, tighten up security and repair/heal ourselves so that we don't have any weak spots in our fortress (so to speak).

Like intuition, being aware of your vulnerabilities can save you from disappointment in the end.

Every single one of us is working towards living in our truth, taking ownership for our true power and every once in a while we are handed an opportunity to try out our skills and see how well we fare. Well, not just once in a while, this can sometimes be a daily occurrence!

We are often faced with someone or something that challenges our truth (usually through supporting a limiting belief we hold within ourselves) and in that moment we are given a choice, a fork in the road of sorts. You can stand up in your truth, assume your position of power within yourself and deal. Or you can take a detour and experience what this challenge does to you when you allow your vulnerabilities to take over.

Neither path is right or wrong, and both can serve you in tremendous ways.

The path of strength can build confidence in you for the next go around and the path of vulnerability can help you to better understand yourself.

Either way you win.

But how do we realize our truth, how do we know we are living within it?

When you are experiencing more joy than pain. When you feel comfortable with who you are and you stop apologizing to the world for your existence. When you decide to live rather than hide.

This is when you will know you have found your truth.

And it is not hard to find, it has been living within you all this time.

Friday, February 12, 2010

From the heart

Ever feel like you are on a treadmill, you take step after step after step and you still are in the same spot that you started?

Where does this come from? Why do we experience this?

It is because we are taking part in redundant exercises thinking with our human mind and ego that they are going to get us to a place of success instead of thinking with our heart and going in a direction that might not be the easiest in some situations but will certainly bring us the most wonderful of rewards in the end.

And why is it that it is easier to trust the thoughts from our brain rather than the thoughts from our heart?

We ignore the heart's wishes on almost every topic in our life and then we wonder why it is that we are struggling, cannot find peace and are living in a space of chaos and frenzy.

What needs to happen is a reconnection to heart center, to maintain that connection so that with every opportunity we have been presented with we can make the decision that will bring us the most happiness.

There is a lot of good that comes from the mind of humans, but there is far more greatness that comes from the heart.

A reconnection from heart center can come from taking part in activities that fill you with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. If you find you are engaging in activities that make your stomach turn, give you headaches or drain you of energy you are working from the brain only and your body is telling you so. When you find yourself in these moments, stop and ask yourself what it is you truly want? Then stay silent until the answer comes to you, you won't have to wait long and the answer may not be what you were looking for but it will be an answer from the soul, an answer from the heart.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow day love!

Snow days are a gift to hermits like me.

I am a hermit.

I love staying in my pyjamas and housecoat all day long.

I love facebook because it feeds my need to still be in touch with the world without leaving the comfort of my home.

I love when the world stops because there is too much snow on the roads to go anywhere.

I love to sleep in and snuggle under the blankets with my boys when they come to ask if the buses are running.

I love being able to answer "no" to that last question.

I love that we are going to have chicken noodle soup for lunch and hot chocolate with marshmallows when we come in from clearing the sidewalks.

I love that we will snuggle up and watch movies and never ending episodes of Sponge Bob Square Pants.

There is something magical about snow days I think. The unexpectedness of it all, knowing that the day brings with it complete freedom from obligations.

These kinds of days are few and far between for busy families.

Even on holidays that are meant to be relaxing, we stuff them full of things to do to keep us busy. Rarely do we allow ourselves an entire day to rest our minds and bodies.

Yep, snow days are the best! I am in love with snow days!

Monday, February 8, 2010

You have arrived!

There was a great little note this morning in my inbox.

It was a note that asked if I'd ever felt like I was here on this earth for a grander purpose, for a task that had not yet been identified? Have I been waiting with baited breath to be given the opportunity to rise to the occasion and fulfill my destiny (said with a dramatic tone). Have I sometimes wished and hoped for something so badly that I hadn't noticed that I already had what I was wishing for?

I answered yes to all three of these questions....

At the bottom of the note it said "you've been doing your work, X3. And your fans think your delish!"

This message is an important one for anyone who has been seeking more value, greater purpose in their life.

We are always striving for something better than what we have, when are we going to decide to be satisfied and complete with where we are in the moment.

Of course I am not saying we shouldn't strive towards something better if our hearts desire that. Not at all.

What I am saying though is that perhaps what you have been striving for is right in your own back yard. Just like the message says, we sometimes get so caught up in the doing, that we rarely take time for the noticing of what we have already accomplished.

Is it that we enjoy denying ourselves the pleasure of claiming the reward that all of our hard work has brought to us? Or are we so certain that it takes back flips and cartwheels to accomplish our goals that we will not be satisfied until the fireworks explode in front of us announcing our arrival.

I've got some news for you, if fireworks exploded everytime someone made a breakthrough or arrived at their destination the sky would be filled with brilliant color day in and day out, around the clock, non stop.

The truth is, each morning when you wake up you have arrived. You are doing exactly what it is that the Universe wants you to do. Whether you are the manager of the bank, a young entrepreneur just starting off or a new mother nursing your baby, you have arrived!

You are living the dream, don't you see? You are affecting this world with your movement and attention to detail. You are affecting the people at the supermarket, on the sidewalk, at the water cooler and in your home.

That thing that you've been waiting for. It's

What are you going to do about it?