Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If only we knew.

Last night I dreamed of my deceased father and uncle.

They were playing with my boys inside what seemed to be a beautiful castle with white walls and fresh light everywhere.  In the middle of the room was a very large pile of gigantic colourful pillows, kind of like large bean bag chairs.  They were jumping and playing and wrestling with eachother ontop of this mountain of pillows, laughing hard.

It was so fantastic to watch this happening and at the same time I watched myself cling tightly to my fathers neck, bawling my eyes out and asking him not to leave me.

He was playing with my kids AND he was with me at the same time.

I knew he couldn't stay with us long.  I knew this was a special visit. 

I don't remember words being spoken, in fact even my pleas for him to stay were non-verbal.

When I woke up and I was sharing the dream with my husband, my eyes teared up and they are doing it again now. 

As I moved through my morning I realized how different I am feeling today.  I am feeling a burst of energy, I feel loved and appreciated and most of all I have a strong sense of my dreams and goals becoming a reality.

Was this his message to me?  To keep moving, have faith, stand strong in my hopes and dreams?  Maybe.

I think this is the message that all of our loved ones who have passed on have for us.  If we only knew the support and love that is flowing into our lives right this minute from a source we cannot see. 

If only we knew.

How would it change your day?  How would it change your plans for the future?  To have this message in your heart from a beloved.

I personally have strong physical support in this world as well, but there is something magical about having unseen forces urge you along your path.  Perhaps even smoothing the road a bit so it is more manageable.

Who in your life have you lost and what do you think they are whispering to you right now?

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