Sunday, January 1, 2012

If your life was a book....

This morning I woke up looking for inspiration.

This is what I found.

I often find things that make me go 'hmmmm'.

Have you ever asked yourself the question that this speaker is asking?

If your life was a book and you were the author what would you want your story to look like?

It seems a simple question.  But it is oh so powerful!

Think about all the books you have read.  The fiction stories, the autobiographies, the comedies, the dramas, the self help stuff. 

Those authors put those stories out there.  How did those books change you? 

Now I want you to take this a step further and think about your life as a book you have written.  How will it affect others who 'read' it?

Everyone's story has the potential to inspire and motivate someone else in the world.

What if today you decided that you will conquer the thing that brings you the most fear?  What if you decided that your story was no longer going to be about being the victim but instead being the hero?  What if today you decided to take the first step in changing your lifestyle so that you were healthier and stronger? What if today you decided to do what your heart has always wanted to do but your brain has been talking you out of?

And what would making these decisions; changing your story, do for your life?

On this very first day of a brand new year.  These are the things I am thinking about.  Not resolutions, but story changers.

How about you?

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