Wednesday, May 26, 2010

State of nothingness

What is a state of nothingness?

To me a state of nothingness is when you feel...well...nothing. Not a depressed state, because clearly in a depressed state you are feeling SOMETHING. But feeling nothing, no need to rush somewhere or do something. No need to get frustrated, angry, sad or upset and really no feeling toward being joyful or creative either.

It's a state of just being.

Have you ever experienced this?

How did you deal with it?

We spend our entire lives being told that we need to keep busy. We spend our entire lives building expectations for ourselves that we need to be successful in every moment of every day.

So when we experience nothingness (and it can last moments, hours, days, weeks) sometimes we instantly connect with the self talk that says "this is not right" "I should be doing something productive" "what's wrong with me, I'm not reacting to anything" "this feels good to me, but it doesn't feel RIGHT to me".

I have done this so many times. Literally wasted a perfectly good moment of nothingness on the ego self talk that told me that experiencing nothingness is a form of being lazy and heaven forbid we indulge in lazy.

Or maybe in your moments of nothingness you begin to feel like you have done something wrong. The Universe has put your life on hold, you followed a dream and the dream seems to be more still than you imagined it to be.

Whatever the case is. You need to know that moments of nothingness are moments when we connect with our higher self, the most wise being that lives within us that gifts us with these moments so that we can see that our true nature is non-reactive, that it is joyful, but not in the jumping up and down on couches sense, but in the sense that you feel that all is well.

The moments of nothingness are when we receive much needed healing and teaching from our highest guides. The stillness is required to be sure that we have everything we need for the next leg of our journey.

Many of you are feeling this right now. This stillness, this nothing(is happening and so therefore I have done something wrong)ness.

And that is perfect!

REJOICE that the Universe has cleared your calendar and given you a spontaneous vacation from thought, reaction and emotion...

My goodness, these days don't come around very often...

Enjoy it and don't fret my lovies because one day you will be so busy pursuing and living your purpose that you will be dreaming of your moment of nothingness once again and in that time you will appreciate finally the gift that it was.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Your true nature

If you are one who is consciously aware of your journey here on earth, you may work very hard to reach the next "level" of consciousness or awakening. While you are working hard are you taking time to en-JOY your work? En-JOY your learning? En-JOY your moments of "aha"?

I for one, have rarely enjoyed my journey. Although, I have enjoyed looking back and seeing how far I have come, occasionally though I get a glimpse at how far I actually still have to go and how much more I still need to learn. And that can be sometimes overwhelming.

Let's for a moment remove the "job" of growing spiritually and consider ourselves already there.

There now doesn't that just feel better?

No more big lessons, no more climbing the ladder of enlightenment.

Truth be told there is no such thing as reaching enlightenment, because you are already there. There is nothing to strive for, because you came into this world embodying your fullest potential.

But until today your mind has been telling you that you are not good enough unless you are working hard to get somewhere, you are not a spiritual being unless you are doing something spiritual.

Do you even know what it looks and feels like to be enlightened?

I don't.

I've seen many people whom I have been told or have believed them to be enlightened, and let me tell you there are no 2 alike! Each one has a different sense of humour about their awakeness, each one dresses differently, speaks differently and even communicate their wisdom differently.

Every thought that you have throughout your day places a judgement and creates a distance between your "now" nature and your "true" nature.

There is so much untruth floating around in our heads that it is quite easy to lose our connection to our true self.

Take 5 seconds today to breathe and to say hello to your true self. To allow it to come forward and show you it's brilliance, to show you it's creativity, it's knowledge, it's splendor.

The beautiful thing about your true nature is that it is never gone. It is always just there waiting for acknowledgement.

I don't care what your past is. I don't care what you have done in this world that you have judged as being wrong. Your true nature is still there.

The blue of the sky does not disappear just because the storm clouds come in. It is hiding and waiting beyond those storm clouds and when the clouds clear out shines the sun and there is the blue sky once again.

Just because you can't see it all the time, doesn't mean your true nature isn't there.

Find out for yourself.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Yes Master!

I was reading an email I received the other day from a website that offers information on energetic happenings on planet Earth.

They spoke briefly about there being a lot of Masters living on the planet at this time and we either don't recognize them or they do not yet know that they are Masters.

These are people who do amazing things, put themselves on the line to bring us great truths, to create change and shift how the world thinks, feels, lives and breaths. There have been many Masters in our history and we know the stories, the good deeds and the perseverance.

After wondering a bit about these new "potential" Masters and what it is they could possibly be here to teach us. It began to dawn on me that we are all Masters in our own way.

We are all here to teach eachother something, to bring some nugget of hope, inspiration or wisdom to the people in our lives.

From the friendly grocery store clerk to the Dalai Lama, we are all special and we are all Masters of something or other.

Today for example, there was a moment when I wondered why I do what I do. Why do I insist on being a Reiki Teacher, why do I insist on staying home, caring for my home and waiting for my children and husband to come home from school & work so I can cook them dinner and talk to them about their day? Why?

The only answer I could come up with is; because I am a Master. I am a Master at being me. At offering myself up to my family, to keep the peace, to keep things organized and orderly, to make their lives (hopefully) less stressful and more relaxing.

So even though I'm pretty sure the entire world won't know about the life I lead, and they won't hear about all the positive change I have created, and they won't know about my dedication to raising self aware young men and my commitment to surviving married life (yes I said surviving); I am still a Master.

And so are you!

What are you the Master of?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

We are finally moved into our new home.

It feels so good.

I have had moments where I experienced not remembering what life was like in our old home. It's kind of weird, because it's only been a week. But I really can't imagine NOT living here.

The entire time we were moving we experienced severe weather, tornado watches and torrential downpouring of rain! For a split second I thought this was going to be a bad omen (if there was such a thing). But then I thought about how I love storms, I love the thunder and lightning, there is something very cleansing and rebalancing about a good thunderstorm. I don't know why but I've always felt like a storm was like an energetic reset button.

We've all gone outside after a large storm has passed, we've all smelled the fresh smell of the earth, seen the greeness of the grass and trees and the beauty of the crystal clear sky.

Yep, a reset button indeed.

So, with that in mind I realised that the Universe was simply rebalancing my life, washing away the old and awakening the new.

Over the last couple of weeks I have received a surge in new Reiki clients, as well as new students eager to learn how they can bring Reiki into their own lives as healers.

My children are happy and looking forward to our new life in this new town. My hubby and I are content and also making plans for our future in our new home.

It is extremely magnificent to realize what a gift we were given, how amazingly intelligent the Universe is and that when everything is aligned to your highest purpose and needs, everything, EVERYTHING is blessedly taken care of.

May you realize your magnificent gift today and every day.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A true reflection

Just for once it would be nice to be on the same page with my hubby.

We never seem to be in the same space at the same time. Emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually we are always on opposite ends of the spectrum.

When I am up he is down. When I am down he is up.

It is sometimes frustrating.

And then other times I realize that he is a reflection of myself and my behaviour and I realize why it is that we have created this "opposite's" thing we have going. To remind us of who we are and what we are capable of. To remind us of what it is we still need to work on to be successful spiritual beings.

We have these people in our lives, whether they are close friends, spouses or co-workers there is someone in our day that reflects to us what we are ourselves.

I would even go so far as to say that everyone you encounter in your day is a reflection of who you are, however you are more apt to notice those that are close to you and with whom you interact with on a consistent basis.

Next time you are annoyed with your significant others behaviour, habits and other eccentricities, take a moment to reflect on your behaviour and see if you can't connect the dots. Most times it is at the front of your mind and easily accessible.

Steer clear of the shame and guilt that may come with the realization that you to have flaws, and focus only on the gift that is that subtle reminder.

And be sure that when we focus on those things we need to adjust, the world around us, the people, places and things we encounter each day begin to adjust as well.