Friday, January 6, 2012

Gotta love transformation!

Every once in a while you experience a moment where divine truth travels from your head to your heart.

It's in this moment that your heart opens, your eyes water and you realize just how fabulous life really is.

That's what happened last week when I spent time with Heart Power Coach, Rosemary Heenan.  I had booked a session with Rosemary a bit ago when I was in a very desperate place (I joked that she could probably have smelled the desperation in my email requesting an appointment).

Rosemary has a way of opening her heart to you and asking you just the right questions to get you living and breathing your truth.

Topic of discussion:  Self worth and self love.

Since going through my style makeover the day before I was feeling pretty good, I was also sitting in a pool of reality that I really haven't been giving myself any credit for my work as a mother or participant in this game we call life.

Apparently, I'm great at supporting others in their quest to self love but put my own self love needs on the back burner for far too long.

Clarity flooded in when we really broke down the worth and value of being a mother. 

You know the list of duties we perform each day for our families and the cost if someone outside the home were to have to provide services for these duties.

You see, my trouble is that there is no 'monetary' reward for stay at home mothering.  Money pays the bills, money buys you nice things and gets you nice vacations. 

What I had forgotten was the fact that I have been paid many times over in other ways.  Most importantly, my children are wise, healthy, strong, confident, kind and fun!  That feels as great as I'm imagining a million dollars to feel! 

I was also hit with the 'aha' that there is never a time when the Universe isn't rewarding you for your hard work.  There is an abundance of energy that is forever flowing into our lives.  Even when we don't think it is, it is! 

Though, I have always known this in my head (gosh, I've read enough books to know that by now!), I hadn't actually taken it into my heart as divine wisdom or a concept I was going to live by with every breath I took.  To be honest, I knew it existed because I saw it for others but I didn't feel I was worthy of receiving that same abundance. 

Silly girl!

I was fully aware in that moment of clarity that I had closed the door to receiving personal payment from the Universe (that stinky unworthy feeling again), I did become more deeply aware that the Universe still managed to find a way into my home and into my family, helping us to create a life that was magical without my awareness or my permission.


That in itself was a tremendous breakthrough and I could feel this new realization, this divine truth travel from my head into my heart where it made itself comfy cozy.  I could feel this energy tingle through my body and I just had to sit there and let it soak in.

Currently my body is processing all the changes I've made over the last few days by handing me a head cold and a feeling of whiplash in my neck and shoulders.

Transformation this deep weaves it's way through your entire body, mind and spirit.

When we live so deeply with our low self worth, the physical body responds to that low self worth through exhaustion, energetic vulnerability and illness.  So it makes perfect sense that when you heal those damaging beliefs about yourself your physical body will respond to that healing, releasing old energy that no longer belongs in your body (aka sneezing, runny nose and the like).

PS - I wanted to ask you.  What is it that you've been denying the Universe access to in your life?  It's waiting there with a cornacopia of abundance and prosperity for anything you need.  What belief are you holding onto that is keeping you from receiving?

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