Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The God Blog....

Trust me, I never would have thought I'd be posting blogs about my relationship with God and Jesus.  But here I am doing just that!

I didn't grow up in a religious family.  I've never read the bible.  As a child I never understood how you could see someone being so loving and graceful in church and then hear them speaking miserably about someone outside of it.

I also believed for most of my life that a relationship with God was impossible for me, because I wasn't doing any of the prescribed activities that would nurture such a relationship.  Sure I am a good person, but I don't give money to a church and I don't dress up on Sundays to sing God's praises.

One thing I did do was pray...  And as the years went on, my prayers grew from asking for things I needed or wanted, to words of thanks and gratitude for all that I had.  And those prayers of gratitude have grown into moments during my day where I recognize a God given gift and celebrate with a happy dance (it's like an explosion of joy and it makes me want to boogy woogy woogy).

And as I developed this inner gratitude, a relationship with my divine father developed as well. 

I want to say it was almost like magic. 

One day, everything just seemed to make sense to me.  I seemed to have a greater sense that yes I am here living this life, but that there was also a greater force driving me towards my dreams and a more peaceful way of living.

To be honest, I think the magic came when I made a decision to stop trying to control every aspect of my life and instead just live and be grateful for that living.

And yes, somedays my life looks like sadness or chaos and somedays it looks like perfection and bliss.

Though whatever it looks like I know that I love feeling like there is someone more wise overseeing the day to day bologne so that I don't have to.  It frees me up to enjoy what is happening in the moment because I no longer have to worry about how I am going to make it all work.

I heard once that God doesn't care what you call Him.  Just that you do!

And today, I believe that with my whole heart :)

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