Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Art of Acceptance

I've spent most of my life looking for acceptance.

Spent most of my time being someone I couldn't maintain, to try and gain acceptance from others.

Only to find a dead end street.

So many have been here and might recognize this message.

We try and fail, beat ourselves up, convince ourselves that there is something wrong with us and that is why we are not being accepted into a circle of friends, a job, a love or a family.

And yet what we really need to be doing is taking a moment to notice that we are the ones that are denying acceptance.

To ourselves.

For me, I have begun to recognize that acceptance is right in line with forgiveness and self love.

Without acceptance of what is and who I am, how am I to be completely free of the fears and worries that plague us in this crazy world?

I'm learning to shrug my shoulders at my funny ways.  I'm learning to go easy on the girl that is me, trying so hard to get things right that she sometimes forgets that she needs to accept where she is at all times and be loving and forgiving to herself.

The more I accept of myself, the more I can see the miracles that surround us.  The miracles of the people in our lives, our health, our challenges, our blessings, our sad moments and our happy moments.

All dancing together in each of our lives to prove to us that we are more than worthy of our own acceptance.

My hope is that today you will spend some time accepting yourself for all that you are, that you will be gentle with yourself and that you will see the light that lives within you, that will shine more brightly when you accept it.

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