Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Heart Power Coaching

Today, I once again had the pleasure of working with Rosemary Heenan

Not only is Rosemary a wonderful friend of mine, she is also a coach with a very big heart.

Today Rosemary came by the house to do a hand analysis for my husband.

I had my hand analysis done about a year ago.  The confirmations and affirmations that were living in my prints gave me permission to be me, fully and completely without exception and without apology.

Since then I have been living life full out.  I go forward with ideas, I embrace my roles as "stay at home mom" and "entrepreneur" and I don't apologize for the happiness and fun I am experiencing.  A far cry from who I once was.

So, being present for the initial print analysis for hubby was a real blessing.

There were so many things that he could relate to experiencing.  With each new piece of information that his finger prints revealed I could see his face get lighter, I could see his self love growing inside of him.

There were many things confirmed in his prints (and in mine) that explain alot about our relationship, how we communicate (or better yet, how we don't communicate), as well as how perfect we are for eachother because we perfectly challenge eachother in our life lesson area.

If I can recommend one thing to anyone who struggles with where they are in life, who they are in life and what they need to do about it, it would be to give Rosemary a call.  Get her to do your hand analysis and then begin to live your life the way you were meant to live it.

On top of that, Rosemary offers an ongoing mentoring program for her hand analysis clients, to help them better understand the knowledge that their hands hold.  She will lovingly guide you through your journey to know yourself better.

She's simply a gift to all who know her!

Thanks Rosemary!

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  1. Thank you sweet Jennifer. You are such a light in my life. I love you and I am honoured to have you as a friend.


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