Wednesday, May 26, 2010

State of nothingness

What is a state of nothingness?

To me a state of nothingness is when you feel...well...nothing. Not a depressed state, because clearly in a depressed state you are feeling SOMETHING. But feeling nothing, no need to rush somewhere or do something. No need to get frustrated, angry, sad or upset and really no feeling toward being joyful or creative either.

It's a state of just being.

Have you ever experienced this?

How did you deal with it?

We spend our entire lives being told that we need to keep busy. We spend our entire lives building expectations for ourselves that we need to be successful in every moment of every day.

So when we experience nothingness (and it can last moments, hours, days, weeks) sometimes we instantly connect with the self talk that says "this is not right" "I should be doing something productive" "what's wrong with me, I'm not reacting to anything" "this feels good to me, but it doesn't feel RIGHT to me".

I have done this so many times. Literally wasted a perfectly good moment of nothingness on the ego self talk that told me that experiencing nothingness is a form of being lazy and heaven forbid we indulge in lazy.

Or maybe in your moments of nothingness you begin to feel like you have done something wrong. The Universe has put your life on hold, you followed a dream and the dream seems to be more still than you imagined it to be.

Whatever the case is. You need to know that moments of nothingness are moments when we connect with our higher self, the most wise being that lives within us that gifts us with these moments so that we can see that our true nature is non-reactive, that it is joyful, but not in the jumping up and down on couches sense, but in the sense that you feel that all is well.

The moments of nothingness are when we receive much needed healing and teaching from our highest guides. The stillness is required to be sure that we have everything we need for the next leg of our journey.

Many of you are feeling this right now. This stillness, this nothing(is happening and so therefore I have done something wrong)ness.

And that is perfect!

REJOICE that the Universe has cleared your calendar and given you a spontaneous vacation from thought, reaction and emotion...

My goodness, these days don't come around very often...

Enjoy it and don't fret my lovies because one day you will be so busy pursuing and living your purpose that you will be dreaming of your moment of nothingness once again and in that time you will appreciate finally the gift that it was.

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