Monday, May 24, 2010

Your true nature

If you are one who is consciously aware of your journey here on earth, you may work very hard to reach the next "level" of consciousness or awakening. While you are working hard are you taking time to en-JOY your work? En-JOY your learning? En-JOY your moments of "aha"?

I for one, have rarely enjoyed my journey. Although, I have enjoyed looking back and seeing how far I have come, occasionally though I get a glimpse at how far I actually still have to go and how much more I still need to learn. And that can be sometimes overwhelming.

Let's for a moment remove the "job" of growing spiritually and consider ourselves already there.

There now doesn't that just feel better?

No more big lessons, no more climbing the ladder of enlightenment.

Truth be told there is no such thing as reaching enlightenment, because you are already there. There is nothing to strive for, because you came into this world embodying your fullest potential.

But until today your mind has been telling you that you are not good enough unless you are working hard to get somewhere, you are not a spiritual being unless you are doing something spiritual.

Do you even know what it looks and feels like to be enlightened?

I don't.

I've seen many people whom I have been told or have believed them to be enlightened, and let me tell you there are no 2 alike! Each one has a different sense of humour about their awakeness, each one dresses differently, speaks differently and even communicate their wisdom differently.

Every thought that you have throughout your day places a judgement and creates a distance between your "now" nature and your "true" nature.

There is so much untruth floating around in our heads that it is quite easy to lose our connection to our true self.

Take 5 seconds today to breathe and to say hello to your true self. To allow it to come forward and show you it's brilliance, to show you it's creativity, it's knowledge, it's splendor.

The beautiful thing about your true nature is that it is never gone. It is always just there waiting for acknowledgement.

I don't care what your past is. I don't care what you have done in this world that you have judged as being wrong. Your true nature is still there.

The blue of the sky does not disappear just because the storm clouds come in. It is hiding and waiting beyond those storm clouds and when the clouds clear out shines the sun and there is the blue sky once again.

Just because you can't see it all the time, doesn't mean your true nature isn't there.

Find out for yourself.

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