Monday, April 9, 2012

Can I get a Hell Ya?!

I have been listening a lot to Joyce Meyer ministries lately.  I love her straight forward-ness about life and about faith.

The cd I have been listening to is about getting our thoughts in order.  Ending the 'poor me' stuff and just getting on with it.

This weekend, like every holiday weekend was tough emotionally for me.

I found myself asking 'why do I bother' and then on the way to see my friend for a walk today I popped in Joyce Meyer and I heard her say something like "I asked God why it is that I work my butt off to be a good person, to learn more about life so I can live more fully and help others when so many people that I pass on the street don't seem to be doing anything of the sort.  What is up with that?!?!"

Oh my goodness!  How did she get into MY head?!?!

God's response to her went something like "You pray for an awful lot don't ya?  You pray to be a good person, you pray to help others, you pray to be of service AND then you expect to not have to actually take a higher stand?  To walk a different path?  If you want what you want then you have to walk a different walk and talk a different talk"

Oh.... {blush}

The minute I was thinking "oh whoa is me, I do this and I do that and no one takes notice.  They still get mad, they still don't like me"  waaaaahhhhh waaaaahhhhh  waaaaaahhhhh  I was reminded that I pray to be who I am.  I pray like nobody's business to be of service and to be a blessing in this world every single day.

I turned on a new attitude today after hearing Joyce talk about her experience.

I turned "they don't see me for who I am" into "my light shines so bright it must blind them!"

Can I get a HELL YA!

I like that a whole lot better than focusing on what I'm not getting from others.  Because if I'm being honest and realistic I don't need anything from anybody.  I have everything I need.

I also realized I've been doing the 'poor me' thing in one specific area of my life and I have some changes to make (when don't I).  I saw this weekend that God has been showing me a lesson for quite a while now and I haven't been learning that lesson.  I've been waving it off, putting it off and ignoring it.

I'd rather learn the lesson His way though instead of waiting for it to hit me over the head.

So no more passing the buck.  I'm grabbing this bull by the horns and gettin' things done.

Stay tuned...  This might make for some very interesting blog posts : )

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