Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's just not fair!

It's hard enough to shop for bras.

Can I get an AMEN?!?!

It's even harder to shop for bras when the one style that actually fits you and feels like heaven to wear becomes discontinued.

And not just discontinued, discontinued ONLY in the size YOU wear!!!!

Heeeelllllllooooooo, Wonderbra?  What the hell are you thinking?

Do you really want to piss off the big breasted women of the world?  Huh?  Do ya?

Cause let me tell you we are mighty passionate about our breast support!

Apparently, my bra of choice was a promotional item and wasn't intended to make anyone as happy as it has made me in the past few months. 

The executives at Wonderbra are no doubt having a fabulous time joking and laughing about this little prank.  How dare they dangle such an amazingly fine specimen in front of unsuspecting women, get them hooked (no pun intended) and then take it away!

Life is SO unfair.

I almost tackled and kissed the sales lady who happened to snag me the last one that got slipped onto the clearance rack early in the day!

And clearance my ass!  It was still priced at $30.00, most likely because they knew that some desperate, big busted woman would come walking through the door and give her right leg and first born for a chance to bring home the one bra that makes her happy! 

They were right.  I did.  And I would have!

Not only did I get the coveted bra, I didn't have to stand in a line to pay for it either!  Woohoo! 

This totally made my day even brighter and I skipped my way out of the store with a big happy smile on my face, wonderously in denial about the fact that eventually I will have to spend many painstaking hours in a dressing room trying to once again find the perfect fit for my lovely ladies.


  1. OMG...You rock!!!! Wonderbra truly is stupid....maybe it's time to start a new company for us big breasted women of Belle River! Clearly Wonderbra has no interest!!!

  2. heeheehee What shall we call our company? lol Something to think about :)

  3. Oh I don't even have words! You are so right.

  4. I am down to one regular bra and one strapless. The task is so daunting. I NEED TO SHOP but I hate to shop for them. The cost is ridiculous.

  5. Oh don't get me started on cost Tracey! lol


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