Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poor Me......

There seems to be a whole lot of "poor me" going around lately.

Maybe it's something in the air?

Yesterday I had lunch with my mother in law and she said something that totally hit the nail on the head.

She said "Life is tough....get a helmet!"

Why do we spend so much time in 'victim' role?  Why do we waste so much energy on accumulating sympathy as we share our 'poor me stories'?

If we are so preoccupied with being a victim, how are we going to be successful? 

We cannot 'survive' if we are constantly living as a victim.

Playing the victim is a byproduct of giving your power away.

Playing the victim is not attractive and does not attract the kind of people into your life that will support you in your healing, instead it will attract people into your life that enjoy hearing your hardship stories which really means, they like to listen to all the shit you've been through because it makes them feel better about themselves.  Are these the kinds of people you want surrounding you?

The jury is still out on whether or not playing victim for even 5 minutes in your life is worth it.  What is the pay off?  What's the reward?

There's no prize at the end of your life for the person with the most dramatic story.  In fact, if you listen to that victim story for too long, you may just believe it and for sure it's going to become more and more dramatic each time you tell it, because let's face it, the bigger the response from the person you are sharing with the bigger that story gets.

Victim stories don't always sound like whining, sniveling and crying.  Sometimes they are filled with anger and so we don't hear them or see them as victim stories, but they are.

Oh, and I equally enjoy watching a victim justify their behaviour with "it's because of the abuse, the neglect, the abandonment, etc.".

Right.....  I totally believe you!



  1. New follower to your blog here. This post really hit home. Being a victim or just acting like one is not an option. I'm putting on my helmet and moving forward.

  2. Hi Scribe! I am so excited to have you following!
    Thanks for popping by!


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