Sunday, May 29, 2011

Love that Inner Beauty

"Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical."
 ~  Sophia Loren

This quote couldn't have shown up at a better time for me.

I spent some time last weekend with my good friend Lee-Ann from Ginger Snaps! working on some new head shots.

I have never been a lover of being in front of the camera.  In fact, most of the pictures in my children's photo albums are of them with their dad, or with friends, very rarely is there a picture of me.

To say I hate getting my picture taken would be an understatement.

Lee-Ann always has her work cut out for her when she works with me because I tense up, there is not a natural flow to my movement or my facial expressions.  She says 'just be you' and I try very hard to do that, and I still end up holding a pose until I hear the snap of the camera.

It's just uncomfortable.

So when Lee-Ann posted some pics on facebook to advertise what she has done and show me how great the shots turned out, I had to face my fear, literally head on! 

I had to stare into the eyes of the woman who does not fully appreciate her unique beauty. 

And it all became clear.  Well, clear in the way that it's something I've always known, just never allowed myself to believe.

That your outer beauty is really a reflection of what is in your heart.  Like the quote says your inner beauty is reflected in your eyes.

My husband tells me all of the time that he wishes I could see myself the way he sees me.  And I have to say that somedays I wish I could too.

I wish I could look at pictures of myself without cringing.

And thanks to Lee-Ann, I am getting the opportunity to do just that :)


  1. I appreciate this so much, I hate seeing myself in pictures. I feel ashamed of myself. But let me say this, if I ever hear my daughter criticize herself, I will feel even worse for teaching her to feel badly about her body. She can dance! She can leap, and run and hug, and create! And so can we, Jenn.

    PS I am looking for some brave women to do boudoir shoots with, you in? *wink* ha!

  2. Amazing to read this since I think you are naturally beautiful Jenn. I hope you get to spend more time seeing yourself as others do and realizing your true beauty radiating from within.


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