Monday, May 30, 2011

My Creative Side.....

Somedays I feel like I could burst with creativity!

And somedays I do!

I love the feel of my chalk pastels on my fingertips as I blend color and bring magic to a plain white piece of paper.

I love transforming my artwork into things that can be useful, as well as beautiful.  I've wanted to put my art on clothing, except I'm not quite sure how to do that or if I'm ready.

For now though, I share my framed artwork and make my own note cards.

My newest love in the creative department...  Squishing acrylic paints to create one of a kind miniature works of art.  Then, I transform these miniatures into note cards that can be used to cheer up a friend, or remind a loved one of how much you love them.

Chalk Pastel Print note cards

Acrylic note cards

The cards are all frameable, which gives them the added bonus of not only being the card for on top of the gift, but being the gift itself!

Spending time in my art studio (aka the laundry room!) makes me feel so relaxed.  I feel like the moment I decide to sit down and indulge in some play time I sink into a peaceful meditative state.

Every once in a while you'll find my youngest son sitting at my desk creating some magic of his own.  These usually end up on the refrigerator or he will hide his masterpieces so he can use them as gifts when birthdays and special occasions roll around.

And sometimes I get out the acrylics and we sit on the deck and create for hours at a time!

It's fun to play and be creative.  I love that my family gets to experience this in our house. 

There is total freedom for them to be who they are.

I love that!

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  1. Creativity is awesome for the soul :-) I feel the same but unfortunately don't make as much time for it. You've inspired me!


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