Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Miracle

Checking my emails this morning, I came across an article entitled "Discover a Momentary Miracle".

The timing of this article was absolutely perfect (of course!) as I had just come in the house after walking home from Yoga class.  I decided this morning that I would walk to the nearest coffee shop, grab myself a Chai tea and head to the lake to sit and enjoy the sunshine and the singing birds.  I didn't stay long, I didn't have to; I was filled up with appreciation for my life in that small moment of giving myself permission to just be for a while.

As I felt this appreciation, I was reminded of a time when I didn't feel joyful about my life.  A time when I felt burdened by motherhood and the list of self afflicted "shoulds".  My inner struggle sounded alot like "do I stay home to raise my kids or do I go out to work?"  I felt like my true calling was to be home with my children and nurture them and at the same time I felt guilty for not going out to work and earn extra money so that we could enjoy a little more freedom.  This struggle lead to a host of health problems, IBS, depression and anxiety.

Being reminded of this past situation I felt even more appreciative of my life.  I realized how far I have come personally and how much I value each and every moment of my life as a stay at home mom and entrepreneur!

My momentary miracle today is that I understand what it means to really live, Jenn style!  No more living for someone else, or by someone else's expectations of me.  No more inner struggles of "should I or shouldn't I".  No more questionning the direction of my heart.  No more apologizing for who I am.

Even if you are living your darkest moments, I believe you can find a momentary miracle.  Because; like the article states: "Today holds the chance to build new dreams, achieve new successes, and show new kindnesses."

What is your momentary miracle?

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