Monday, March 28, 2011

The Missing Link

I spoke to a woman yesterday whose been unemployed for a while now, her benefits are running out and she told me she was on the cusp of losing her home.

Unfortunately, in the area where I live, this is a common story.

She told me that she is a student of the Law of Attraction.  She shared with me her belief in this law and her understanding of it.

She expressed her gratitude for the life she is living, the friends that surround her and her awareness of her spiritual journey.

Then she said something very important....  She said "EXCEPT, I don't know what I am going to do.  I don't know if where I am heading is the right way.  I don't know where the money is going to come from for me to keep my home."

I asked her "Right now, do you need any money?"

This was a challenging question, because she was looking at "right now" as being the day as a whole, the upcoming week & month.  She saw the "right now" as being the future.  What I asked her to do was see herself standing, talking to me and understanding that in that exact moment, she needed nothing more than what she already has.  She was clothed, she wasn't hungry and there was no need for money in the moment we were in.  In fact we stood there talking for about a 1/2 hour and there was no need for more of anything.

Then I said to her "the minute you say 'except' is the minute you put resistance into what is...  It's the point where you go into the future and leave the 'now', it is the moment you lose trust and faith in the wisdom of the Universe."

If you've been studying the law of attraction you may have experienced not always being able to manifest what you need.  You may have realized that there is a missing link.  We are taught that if we really want something, we need to remain in a happy place, be grateful all of the time, then we will receive all that our heart desires.  While this may all be true, it is extremely hard to do.  The key element that is missing in most of the teachings, is the way to stay grateful and happy is to live only in the NOW.  Live only in this exact moment.

If you live in the memories of last week, or you live in the hopes of tomorrow, you are missing the NOW.  In the NOW you don't need anything.  And when you live in the NOW it is infinitely easier to be grateful, happy and grounded because there is nothing to lack and therefore nothing to fear lack of.

When you are living in the NOW you aren't putting your humanly restrictions on the Universe and are then an open channel for what it is you wish to manifest.

Here's a question for you:  Have you ever had a day when your mind is filled with things that need to get done, before you even get out of bed you are dreading the day because you know what is waiting for you?
Your heart races, your in a bad mood, you feel nausceous.

You are living in the future, you are living in a time that hasn't even arrived yet!

Now, think about the days where there wasn't anything to do, or the things you had planned were enjoyable and leisurely.  This gives you time to lay in bed for a bit, feel the warmth of the blankets that surround you, listen to the birds chirping out side of the window.  You are living in the "now".

It feels better, you are smiling inside, you are feeling gratitude and joy.  Most times this day will turn out effortless, you may even receive exactly what you've been searching so long for on days like this.

You have just opened yourself up to receiving the gifts of the Universe, just by being in the moment that you are in.

This is a much better place to live.  Don't you think?

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