Monday, March 7, 2011

"But you're...a....Panda!"

Raise your hand if you've seen the movie "Kung Fu Panda"...

I got to watch it again for the gazillionth time last night...  I never tire of hearing Jack Black's voice, let alone watch that Panda realize that he is the greatest Kung Fu Master alive simply because he wanted to be!

I have a lot of favourite moments in this movie.  So many that my 11 year old son turned and said to me "Mom, why don't you just say you love the WHOLE movie!"

Where would the fun be in that?!?!?

Kung Fu Panda has a great message for us.  That each of us IS the special ingredient in life!

That there isn't anything we cannot do if we simply own up to the fact that we are brilliant, capable and powerful beings!

We can get easily sucked into the "I need to be more educated, smarter, skinnier, prettier, more muscular, etc. etc." crap!

We can easily look around at everyone else and reason as to why THEY are more deserving than we are.

Sometimes we even get stuck in our fear of actually doing something that may get us recognized.

Many of us are afraid that we might even be a Kung Fu Master ourselves!  lol   You know what I mean!

Po (that's the panda) experiences this too, when faced with the realization that he will have to face his greatest fear.  He doesn't believe in himself, thinks that the force he will fight against will be stronger and more able than he is to win the battle.  Until the one instant that he realizes that there isn't anything outside of him that makes him special!  No secret ingredient, no additional education, no more years tackling his fears.  Everything he needs to be a Kung Fu Master is already inside of him.  It's in his uniqueness, his crazy ways and his ability to keep going!

All any of us really needs is one of those moments of fearlessness!

One moment of wondering what would happen if we really just took that next step.

And then the beautiful moment of standing up, being ourselves and doing what WE do best.

And kicking the ass off that fear!


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  1. I love that he's a panda being raised by a crane and nobody mentions this obvious difference in species...


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