Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Mr. Media.....

Dear Mr. Media....

I am writing you today, to ask you to please stop advertising and promoting your thoughts about 2012.

Please stop sensationalizing the wars, the dying, the natural disasters.

Please stop creating the video games, movies and music that bring violence into our homes and into our children's minds.

Because today my son asked me if he would live long enough to enjoy his life as an adult. 

And my youngest son is near sighted (which in energetic/emotional terms means he is afraid of his future).

And do you blame him?

I mean, as an adult I can make the choice to believe or not to believe in what you are supporting.  Our children on the other hand have minds that are ripe with imagination, they go to bed at night worried about what their dreams might show them.  They go to bed worried about what the world will look like when they wake up in the morning.

As a parent I want my child to feel secure, yet have a REALISTIC outlook on life. 

I believe it is my duty (not yours) to educate my children about why people decide to fight for things like land and oil, the changes the world is facing and the hunger and health crisis we have not only in third world countries but in our own backyard.

I believe it is my duty to teach my children compassion and understanding.  How to make their own decisions about how they should help this world to become a better place for their children.

What I do need is for the evening news to go on strike.

What I do need is for the people of this world to see how many are actually working towards peace for this planet.  In their homes everyday offering healing as my friends, colleagues and I do.  In our schools and office buildings, in our parks and playgrounds.  Showing compassion and understanding to everyone who meets us.  Inspiring others to change their perspective on this world.

Just one day a week without the media infiltrating our homes and holding our families hostage.

Please, just one day....


Jennifer Merritt
Concerned Citizen


  1. I have to laugh because as I am reading this, ironically I hear the boys fighting downstairs "MOM, Calvin isn't letting me watch TV" He just discovered how to turn the Tv on and off. Maybe it's a sign.
    Needless to say, Im curious to see how its going to end LOL...

    The battle begins, Media vs reality.

    Reality is... Your Right... Stop all this negative bullshit and just for once, put a few positive things in the news. UMMM I wonder why we are all so negative (have any ideas as to why)? LOL

    PS. I never thought of the eye sight thing in those terms before. I use to wear glasses and as soon as I was done University and decided to start giving back to others, my vision went back to 20-20. Thank you for bringing that into light for me... Makes Sense.


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