Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Ugly Side of Hockey....

In the four years that my son has been playing hockey, I have tried to remain cool, calm and collected.

Now that he's reached the Bantam division the stakes are higher.  The hits are harder.  The parents.....are crazier!

I have begun to see the inevitability of losing your mind the more you watch your child play hockey (or any other sport for that matter).

You want them to skate faster, check when they need to check and hit the net with every shot they take!

You become a crazed lunatic... 

It's happened to me in moments when I've let my guard down.  Last weekend I could have used a massage after the game we watched.  The tension was so high I had a knot the size of a grape in my neck from watching!

(massage therapists take note, set up a table in the lobby of the arenas, you'll make a killing!)

There are parents that give the "slow motion" verbal playback after every bad hit or missed goal.  The ones that go blind to every misstep their team takes and blame the whole of the game on the referee's "bad calls".  Then there are the parents that have stood on the edge of hockey insanity for far too long and in one moment of weakness they fall off and find themselves being escorted out of the arena by the OPP.

Standing in the lobby waiting for your child to emerge sweaty and stinky from the dressing room, you can see the dazed looks on the faces of parents, like they've just ingested a drug that has rendered them brainless.  You see them congratulating the player that was evicted from the game for continuously checking from behind.

These would be the same parents that would string the ref up by his "jewels" if it was their kid that took that hit from behind.

They have to be high on insanity to be doing that?  Don't they?

Last night I had a mother mock me for congratulating our team members on a game well played.  She continued to shout out to all who would listen to her how stacked our team was and what a waste of time it is to come out and even play against us.

Okay then.....

Yep.  Strange things happen to the minds of parents in those arenas.

Maybe it's something in the air?

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