Saturday, January 1, 2011

Don't believe everything your mind tells you...

When I was a young girl, I remember being able to stay up late to watch a movie, all the lights were off in the house and as I sat watching television something under a cabinet caught my eye and I stared at it from my position on the couch. The longer I looked at it, the more it looked like a glowing eye. The more I thought about it being a glowing eye, the more I convinced myself that there was a snake with a glowing eye under the cabinet. I was frozen in my spot. I wanted to run up to my room, I wanted to turn my attention back to the movie, yet I couldn’t. My mind was beginning to create a story about a snake in my house, that had a glowing eye, that if I moved out of my spot it would spring towards me and bite me. I was terrified.

In the morning I went back to the cabinet, got down on my hands and knees and discovered that the very thing that I was terrified of was in fact a piece of foil from a candy.

Not much has changed in my mind over the years.

Countless times on road trips my mind would turn uprooted tree trunks into bears or moose. Reflectors on the side of the road into glowing eyes in the night.

I spend lots of time unravelling the stories in my mind, desolving them into nothing more than an overactive imagination and the ego‘s need for attention.

The stories in our mind can paralyze us if we aren’t aware of what is happening.

Our minds are powerful tools of creation. We’ve all heard the term “what you think about you bring about”.

This statement is absolutely true.

Our minds can create stories of triumph or of tragedy, of courage or victimization.

How many times have we had a non sense thought about ourselves, an event or a relationship, allowed that thought to trigger a wound in our emotional body and then further allowed it to go about having a life of it’s own all the while we suffer through it.

The suffering can stop if you wish it to stop.

And all that needs to happen for the suffering to stop is to become aware that what you are reacting to isn’t the truth. It isn’t reality. What you are reacting to is a fabrication of the mind. A thought that has been allowed to run rampant. A fish tale if you will.

Invite yourself into your mind. Dismantle the story that is being played over and over again in your mind. Take a really good look at whether that story you are playing in your head is making you feel better or worse about yourself. Is it bringing you peace or pain? Is it assisting or hindering your forward movement in life?

When I question my thoughts and stories, they magically transform. They sometimes become nothing, they lose their “power” over me. And sometimes taking a closer look at these thoughts helps me to gain more awareness about my world, about how I process information and how I unnecessarily react to situations.

It’s absolutely marvellous!

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  1. I so relate to you. My thoughts run rampant when I am bored believe it or not? They run like a current because I want to avoid what is stressing me out. When I think of my business that is my stressor I will think up unimaginable scenarios to distract myself. I have accecpted that I need to be creative in a good way instead of scaring the crap out of myself. Thanks for sharing. D :)


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