Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello Pain Body....How are you feeling today?

I've been reading a book by Don Miguel Ruiz called "The Mastery of Love".

This is an amazing (and very easy to read)book about unconditional love, why we as humans strive to find it and why we will never find it outside of ourselves.

Ruiz explains beautifully, why it is that while we search for unconditional love we leave a trail of hurt and broken hearts behind us.  Why it is that it never occurs to us to stop for a minute and look within ourselves for that love we are searching for.

It has everything to do with the emotional pain that our bodies are carrying around.

The book takes you through a journey into yourself.  Helps you to take a deeper look at who you are and then gives you what you need to heal your emotional wounds for good!

For me, this book strikes a big cord because I have been completely aware over the past month that I have a huge emotional wound that I have been protecting for years.  I've also seen how I have wounded someone else for getting too close to that pain.

Ruiz calls all of this unconscious behaviour a mental illness.  We are all consumed by this mental illness, none of us is immune to it because it's the behaviour that we have been exposed to at a very young age.  It's been going on for thousands of years.  It's not new.  It's why wars are waged and innocent people die everyday in them.

We are constantly poking at eachother's pain bodies.  If you feel hurt by something I have said or done; the emotional pain that has been accumulating over the years convinces you that you need to defend yourself against something and you poke my emotional wounds back.  This goes on and on and on and on.  And we are totally unconscious to why we do this, we feel justified because we have been hurt so it is the "right" thing to do to fight back.

We are defined by our emotional pain.  It's been living within us for so long that we don't know who we are without it.  We have no idea what life would feel like or look like without our attachment to that pain. 

Personally, I think that by just becoming aware that this is why we do what we do to eachother, great improvements can be made.  Once we are aware of why we are reacting to and treating others the way we are we can consciously make a decision to turn it around. 

As I read this book and I viewed my own daily reactions to life I realized how simple it could be for me to change all my own behaviour, reactions and connection to the pain body.  To observe and not react to someone poking at my emotional wounds will take some practice and yes I'm positive I will fall down every once in a while.  Because let's face it, that's how I learn the best.

I'm also positive that with each fall I will rise up a little more aware of and intent on slaying this pain body beast of mine.


  1. very thoughtful and intriguing post, Jenn. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I wanted to return the favor! I know I carry around a lot of emotional wounds/baggage and I hope to really get to the bottom of it, especially through my writing. But you make some excellent points and I hope lots of people will read this!


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