Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We are Love

I woke up this morning feeling so Loved.... For no particular reason.... Just Loved.

It's not my birthday, it's not Mother's Day, it's actually no special occasion at all.

I was alone in my room when I woke up. No one was standing beside the bed with flowers, no one was showering me with kisses and hugs.

But still I felt Loved.

I laid in bed with my eyes open wondering who was sending me all of this beautiful Love? Was someone thinking of me in that moment with Loving thoughts in their mind?


No sooner had I thought that someone outside of myself was sending Love my way, did a voice come into my head and say "It's you. It's the Love that you ARE that makes you feel this way. It is always there, you just need to notice it."

It's a message I think that is meant for all of us, and so I am sharing it with you. Consider it YOUR message for today.

When your marriage is a mess. When your boyfriend/girlfriend decides you aren't the one for them any longer. When it seems your family doesn't support and appreciate you. When you are feeling lonely and unloved.

Remember this message.

You are the Love that you seek. It is not outside of you. Someone else cannot give you the Love that you want. Only you can give you that Love!

You are Love.

We are Love.

Isn't that GREAT!?!


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