Monday, June 14, 2010

Crayons can change your life.... Who knew?

I'm feeling a bit pink. So, I decided to switch the color scheme of my blog to reflect where I am in mind, body and spirit these days.

There is this childlike, whimsical feeling that lives inside of me lately.

I contribute it to all the artwork I have been working on.

I am usually a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and I find myself guided towards the pretty sundresses when I shop.

I am feeling drawn to nature more, revisiting my connection to Mother Earth and appreciating all that she has provided for me.

I am laughing more and enjoying life.

All because of opening up to my creativity? No doubt!

The more time we spend in our right brain, the more fun life gets, the easier things seem to flow and the more energized we become.

This is what I have been experiencing over the past couple of weeks. I was getting ready to show my art at a local Wellness Fair and was putting together some note cards and framing some prints. All of this attention to my artwork totally shifted my energy and I could feel it the instant it happened.

When I am in "artist" mode, I find that life is just more calm. I don't seem to get overwhelmed like I used to and the normal everyday worries seem to slip away.

It really is like entering another world when I pick up my pastels.

I am allowing the creative little girl that lives inside of me to come out and play, to express herself. And in doing so I am living in alignment with who I am, what I value and what I ultimately wish to accomplish each day.

What is it that you are seeking in life? Is what you do each day once your feet hit the floor in alignment with what you are seeking?

I believe creativity is everything from journaling your thoughts, to coloring with your childrens' crayons, to sculpting a magnificent piece of artwork.

You don't have to be Picasso to re-connect with the right side of your brain and experience a different way of life. You just have to be open to allowing yourself to be creative, no matter what comes out of the experience, no matter what the end result of your efforts are, because the right hemisphere of your brain is where the secrets to your happiness lie, connecting with that for a few moments each day will more than likely bring you all of what you desire.

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