Monday, February 15, 2010

Vulnerability and Truth

Have you ever examined your vulnerability to outside influences.

People, places, things can have an affect on you and throw you off balance, turn you in a direction you are not necessarily comfortable with or question your level of knowledge or sanity.

The more you know about what you are vulnerable to, the more power you have over them.

I believe vulnerability shows us where we need to toughen up, tighten up security and repair/heal ourselves so that we don't have any weak spots in our fortress (so to speak).

Like intuition, being aware of your vulnerabilities can save you from disappointment in the end.

Every single one of us is working towards living in our truth, taking ownership for our true power and every once in a while we are handed an opportunity to try out our skills and see how well we fare. Well, not just once in a while, this can sometimes be a daily occurrence!

We are often faced with someone or something that challenges our truth (usually through supporting a limiting belief we hold within ourselves) and in that moment we are given a choice, a fork in the road of sorts. You can stand up in your truth, assume your position of power within yourself and deal. Or you can take a detour and experience what this challenge does to you when you allow your vulnerabilities to take over.

Neither path is right or wrong, and both can serve you in tremendous ways.

The path of strength can build confidence in you for the next go around and the path of vulnerability can help you to better understand yourself.

Either way you win.

But how do we realize our truth, how do we know we are living within it?

When you are experiencing more joy than pain. When you feel comfortable with who you are and you stop apologizing to the world for your existence. When you decide to live rather than hide.

This is when you will know you have found your truth.

And it is not hard to find, it has been living within you all this time.

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