Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let Go

I will be speaking in February for a local Women's group.

The Topic is Let Go....Your Heart Matters.

I have to say that I think "letting go" is a staple of evolution.  There simply is no way that you can move forward if you are not willing to take a serious look at your life and let some things go that don't belong.

I'm reminded of that Sesame Street Song/Game "One of these things is not like the other".  This song would be appropriate to use as you are going through your life inventory.

You must have experienced at one time or another letting go of something, an emotional response to a situation, a stagnant or toxic relationship, a career, stuff out of your closets or whatever and found that once you had completed that task something wonderful came into being in your life.  It happens all time, except I'm not sure we fully recognize and appreciate it.

I look at these happenings as the Universe handing us a gift for being so diligent in letting go.  For being such a good student in the school of life.

Letting go is a key component to personal growth and it has strong roots in being the first step in the discovery of loving yourself.

It also has to be my most favorite thing in the world.  Some people hold onto stuff their entire lives, I don't.  I never have.  I have always had a strong desire to get rid of stuff.  Clothes that no longer fit, things we haven't used in a while (this drives my kids crazy).  It's just stuff, and you always know where to get more if you really need it that badly.

We can spend our entire lives accumulating stuff, bogging ourselves down with the weight of that accumulation.  I believe if you live in a cluttered and stuff infested home, your body, mind and life will resemble that same chaos.  It's almost like every day when you wake up and go about your business you are packing all that stuff onto your shoulders and you end up carrying it around all day long with you.  It can be exhausting!

So letting go is essential for health, happiness, well-being and vitality.  But how do you let go?  How do you cut ties with stuff when you are so afraid of being without?  Baby steps...

One of the first places to start is with stuff around your house that no longer "belongs".  Maybe you have changed decor in the last few years, or maybe you have moved but you still have boxes of stuff that you haven't even opened.  If you haven't touched, looked at or thought about those boxes of old decorations and stuff for at the past 1 to 1 1/2 years you can safely send it to your donation box knowing that whatever is in those boxes is stuff you definitely no longer need. 

You will find that as you do this process, starting with stuff you have stored away and moving into your every day living environment you will find that it gets easier and easier.  If you are having difficulty it would be wise to have a friend help you out and push you along in your endeavour to free yourself from the binds of clutter.

You have to remember that it isn't just de-cluttering.  This is a process of complete healing and it may not be easy, you may become emotional over the task, you may feel overwhelmed and anxious.  Allow yourself to feel those feelings and ask yourself where they are coming from.  Becoming aware of why it is that you "need" to be surrounded by stuff and why it is so hard to let go is crucial in ending the cycle that you have found yourself in.  It is crucial in becoming a stronger individual.

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