Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Child Within

Have you ever considered what your inner child is like?

When was the last time you explored this aspect of yourself?

Lots of people are afraid of diving into a relationship with their inner child, I think because we feel there are deep, dark secrets laying in there.  And there may be.  But that's no reason not to create a relationship with a vital part of yourself!

I have read so many books on self help and about how to live a full and happy life and how to become successful (yawn, boring!) and not many of those books (if any) touched on the fact that you can not, will not and shall not have what you want and need in life if all the aspects of yourself are not in full operation mode.  This means your inner child!

We can talk all day about balancing and clearing chakras, cleansing and repairing your aura, eating healthy and exercising, but without the child aspect of yourself operating at a healthy level you will be working constantly on all these other things and will find that you never truly make headway.

I'm not talking about reverting to sucking your thumb, although you can if you want to.  But when was the last time you played?  When our children are young we play quite often, and as much as we enjoyed ourselves it was sometimes forced play.  Our children needed our attention and so we gave them some of it and engaged in playtime all the while thinking about the gazillion things that needed to be done around the house!  We were not fully present in that play time.

To engage, nurture and build a relationship with your inner child you need to set aside unforced, unpredictable, uninterrupted play time!  You need to say to your inner child "here I am, come and play with me", you need to feel his/her joy and excitement at having the opportunity to play and last but not least you need to open your mind and heart and be willing to receive all that comes from this amazing relationship.

This takes some practice.  I mean what if someone saw you coloring with crayons???  Hmmmm, they would have something to say I bet.....  Who cares!  Invite them to join you, it might be the best thing you do for them!

You will notice things about yourself when you begin to support your inner child.  You will be quick to find humour in almost every situation, you will have more energy, you will take better care of your body and get more exercise, your creativity level will go through the roof and you will feel strong and balanced.

You will feel all these things about yourself because you will at last be a complete and whole person!

And for those of you who are afraid of the emotional baggage that may come along with this relationship, let me tell you something, your inner child doesn't really want to relive any of that stuff, your inner child wants to know that he/she is safe and that you are now an adult that will protect he/she from danger and harm.  As an adult you know where the hurt is within yourself, you know the details, the agony and the anger.  Your inner child doesn't need to relive all of this because you are already working it out in your daily life.  The healing is in the awareness not in the reliving.  Awareness is key!

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