Thursday, August 1, 2013

After The Storm

Not everyone is super happy about all of the rain we've been getting this summer.  You can almost bet money on a storm rolling through every other day around here.  Me; I love them.  There is something transforming and life affirming about a good storm.

Last weekend on the way home from picking my son up from a friends house we drove straight into a storm.  The rain and wind made it hard to see where we were driving but once we got through it the sky was gorgeous!  The clouds had silver linings and the sunset was peaking out in between the darker clouds that still hung here and there.

I have a fascination with the sky as it is and lately I find I am welcoming these storms; watching them in awe as the power of the wind throws the rain around.  The lightning stretching out across the sky and the thunder rolling and hitting the deepest part of me.

For me these stormy skies remind me of my own personal power, my emotions and the transforming quality of those emotions.  I feel like the storms are telling me a story about my life.  It's like the sky and the storms and I have developed an intimate relationship this summer.  It's like they are speaking to me.  They are saying "You are not your darkness; just as the sky is not the darkness.  There is power in allowing your darkness to flow and have purpose.  Where there is darkness there is magic and without darkness you will never truly know light."

Just the other night we were walking the dog and we could see the sky change and so we took cover.  The rain came down hard and pounded the walls and windows of the building we were standing in.  We watched the storm pass; listening to the thunder and enjoying the bright flashes of lightning.  Once the rain slowed we continued on our way and as we walked back home there stood a complete double rainbow!  Bright and lovely and magical.  I couldn't help but fall in love with the storm all over again.

Right now I am standing knee deep in a life transition so big it's beyond words sometimes.  Looking at the sky; connecting with the storms gives meaning to what is happening right now with me and I think the same thing would be true for all of us.  That darkness can come and it can do it's thing but it doesn't negate the goodness within us.  The dark doesn't take the light away it merely covers it up for a time.  The truth of life is that without the storms we don't get silver linings in fluffy clouds.  We don't get the rainbows.  Without the darkness we don't get the glimpses of magic. 

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