Friday, July 19, 2013

Prisoners R Us

I can't tell you how many times I've felt like a prisoner of life.  Whether it was a job I hated or a relationship that was less than perfect; there have been times when I've felt like Life was the Warden and I was wearing bright orange.

Have you ever felt like this?  Like your hands are tied and there's nowhere for you to run.

In the past I would've taken this feeling and used it to blame others.  Either I couldn't get out of the job because my husband 'wouldn't let me' or I was in an imperfect relationship because the other person was needy and I wouldn't want to upset them by leaving.  Whatever the situation; whatever the frustration the feeling of being a prisoner always put me in a space of blame.

What I've found out through the process of becoming aware of myself is that this feeling of being imprisoned by life doesn't show up because somebody wronged me; it comes from a fear of making the wrong choices.  Every time I have trouble making a decision for fear that it will be the wrong decision I wind up feeling stuck, unmotivated, depressed and frustrated.

You see I want my decisions to bring joy, peace and prosperity....always.  I struggled with a decision just last month; I wasn't having fun doing the things I was doing in my business and needed to shift the energy so that things could flow more smoothly.  I was feeling run down and burnt out and yet making the choice to step out of services that make money was a very hard decision (in my mind it was a decision that clearly did not promote prosperity!)  It was also difficult to tell clients that I was no longer offering services in the capacity that I used to (letting people down; also not on my agenda!) 

The funny thing is and what I realize now is that all of my decisions have brought joy, peace and prosperity; not immediately but eventually.  Every single one of them from the time I was a young girl to now have all worked out beautifully.  Looking back at that and seeing that truth opened me up to discover that no decision is ever a mistake.  It's impossible for it to be.

This is an important breakthrough to get if you are someone like me who has struggled with decision making or if you feel like a prisoner to life because of your circumstances.

There is something I heard a number of years ago and I can't remember who said it.  But it goes like this:  "The Universe responds to action.  If no action is taken, no response is had.  When we step into action even if it is a baby step the Universe responds and magic starts to happen."

I know this is a truth in my life.  The only reason I have ever felt imprisoned is because I was refusing to take action.  The minute I take a step or set an intention that is when the magic happens.

So we're not really prisoners of life.  If anything life is a prisoner of us!  We are the wardens of our own world.  We hold the keys to our shackles and if we look really closely the doors to our cells aren't even locked.

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  1. SO true! I cannot make a decision to save my life. Thank you for the boost of confidence.


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