Tuesday, March 12, 2013

God Always Gives You More

Have you ever tested God?

You know.  Say a prayer; ask for something outrageous or ridiculous and then wait to see if He is going to deliver?

I kind of did this yesterday.

I woke up and said a prayer.  My thoughts and worries focused on money (specifically the lack thereof), I began to pray for $400.

Now that I see this in print it makes me want to laugh out loud.


A miniscule amount of money that I believed would create a feeling of contentedness (or at the very least help me pay the vet bill).

I prayed.  Then I forgot all about it.

I went about my day the same as always.  I had a client in the morning and then I wanted to finish up the paint job in the basement.

While I was busily applying the second coat of paint on my basement walls; it happened.

God gave me a million dollars.

Well, at least it felt like He gave me a million dollars.

Which is WAY more than the $400 I had asked for.  BONUS!

How?  I received a call from a dear friend to say that his recent MRI for a brain tumour showed 'marked improvement' since his last MRI in December.

I was ecstatic.  In fact, I could hardly breathe.

I expect that this is how it feels to learn you have just won the lottery.

Did you know that $400 in physical, cold hard cash in your hands is NOTHING compared to the feeling of receiving a phonecall that someone is conquering cancer?

Did you know that when you receive information like that you forget that you even needed $400?

I took in the lesson of this moment.  I danced.  I whooped and hollered.  I cried tears of joy.  I thanked God for the answered prayer and for always giving me more than I ask for.


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