Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Quest

I love a good quest.  I imagine myself riding a horse with my shining armor on.  My sword at my side, off to slay the dragon. 

My quest?

To find forgiveness in every single act that would normally bring about emotional unrest.

I've been reading that in a perfect Universe such as the one we live in that there is no need for forgiveness.  Nothing is out of place and so there is nothing to forgive.

But it's been my human experience that certain things push buttons, cause emotional upset and sometimes bind us to an experience of victimization.  As a human being experiencing life it seems  that I am experiencing opportunities to find forgiveness.

Whenever I have applied forgiveness in the past, it was accompanied by a deep realization that the person I am really forgiving is myself (there is a laundry list of things I feel I need forgiveness for) and that in doing that I am releasing expectations, embracing my human-ness and opening the door for someone else to do the same.

I'm curious what would happen to life as I know it, if instead of getting caught up in the tide of emotion and fear I took a step back and applied forgiveness to every single situation.  Not just the situations that I myself am involved in but EVERY situation.
Does it matter if I offer forgiveness to someone who has upset my friend?  Does it matter if I offer forgiveness to a total stranger living thousands of miles away who has shown up in the newspaper because of some horrible mistake they have made?  I wonder.

I wonder what the impact on humanity will be if just one of us decides that forgiveness should be an automatic response to everything we would normally view as 'bad'.

It has become apparent to me that forgiveness may very well be the key to connectivity.  If the majority of us are walking around with even the slightest regret that we feel we need forgiveness for we are resisting and blocking connectivity.  How can I possibly connect to another human on the deepest level possible when I am sitting on a mountain of regret, shame and guilt?

Yesterday I posted a blog about forgiving a particular situation.  In the moment that I thought of the words and wrote them down I instantly felt connected to the energy of this person I was offering forgiveness to.  Now, I don't know the person, I don't even know their name; nor do I have all of the details of the circumstances.  I only knew that many people were upset and I thought "well, this is your quest, try it out".  So I did.

The connectivity was instantaneous!

Just one small change in the way we view our lives and in the way we decide how we are going to be the change we want to see in the world can shift everything.

As Panache Desai is quoted as saying "just one person who reaches or acknowledges their full potential can shift the energy of 7.2 billion people". 

We are all connected.

Let the magic begin!


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