Monday, December 17, 2012

The Price of Peace

I think many people would be surprised to learn what the price of peace is.

To obtain peace, globally or personally means to give up the need for connection to worldly ideals, preferences, emotions and possessions.

Do you know what that means?  It means giving up all of the things that you do and all of the ways that you behave that aren't in alignment with peace.

It means choosing to live life through the intention of peace instead of living life through the need for more, or something bigger, better, more expensive, brand get the picture.

That means if you mumble or yell or shoot the finger at the driver that cuts you off in traffic, you are not in alignment with peace.  If you leave an  inadequate tip for the server at the restaurant, you are not in alignment with peace.  If you put items back on the shelf at the grocery store where they do not belong, you are not in alignment with peace.

I'm not being silly.  I'm being truthful with you.  If you aren't willing to walk your butt back to the bologne aisle to put back the product you have chosen not to purchase then how in the world do you expect to maintain any semblence of peacefulness?  Peace is not for the lazy.  Peace is for the brave.  Peace is for those who do not mind that they will be stared at like they are a three headed freak show.

I wonder how many people who wish for peace upon falling stars would truly be willing to give up their assumptions, grudges, anger, frustration, resentment, guilt, shame, addictions and thoughts of 'not enough' in order to get the peace they so desperately wish for in this world.

I have thought long and hard about this.  How far am I willing to go for personal/global peace?  On a good day I'd give my left arm for peace and would know that that is a fair price to pay; catch me when I'm full of fear and you can forget it, peace flies out the window.  I'd rather live in survival mode and do what it takes to survive.

I lump personal and global peace together because they are one in the same.  Personal peace means global peace.  Gandhi knew this.  He knew that if he could guide the individuals in his Country to peaceful non-violent reaction in every circumstance that they would ultimately live in the peaceful way that they preferred. 

For most of us peace is not a popular option.  It involves breaking down our defenses and going to a place within us that is pure love and pure light.  In some instances, peaceful non-reaction to a situation will promote more anger and frustration on the part of the other people involved.  Most of us are living in fear and are addicted to control.  When we encounter someone who isn't willing to put forth energy to keep our story of fear going and instead choose to stay neutral and in peace we tend to panic...

There isn't a magic pill for peace (sorry to break the news to you).  We can't bully the world into peacefulness (remember when parents used to think that smacking you would make you stop crying?).  Enforcing new laws won't bring us peace.  Denying the need for peace won't bring us peace.  And there isn't one specific person who is in charge of bringing peace to this planet. 

Peace means the first responder to every situation is love.  Peace means that we look at every person on this planet as an equal, as a cherished Soul who has come to live out a purpose.  Peace means giving up the need to be right all the time.  Peace means refraining from gossip even if you think it's not really gossip.  Peace means waking up and wondering 'who can I bless today?' instead of worrying about worldly goods.  Peace means forgiving the so called 'enemy'; forgiving the very person you feel has ruined your life, spoken poorly about you or even, yes even killed someone you love.

That's a tall order isn't it?

But that's what peace is.  And that is the price of peace.

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