Monday, December 3, 2012

Giving and Receiving

This weekend while I indulged in a little acrylic painting, I was reminded of all of the teachers who have come into my life to bring awareness to my 'talents'.

Those teachers, givers and sharers who unknowingly ignited my artistic fire (of which I had been reserving for the kids coloring books and school projects) simply by sharing their passion and wisdom with me.

Those encouragers who stand on the sidelines and shout "You can do this!" or "Your artwork is beautiful!" or even more simply "I love it!".

Without those Souls who agreed to come into my life at just the moments I would be contemplating my lack of talent I wouldn't be where I am today.  Whether they are still in my life or not, they are still very much alive in my memory and in my list of things to be grateful for.

I believe this is what God had in mind for each of us in this life experience.  To learn and grow through sharing.  Imagine what someone else is missing out on in their life when we choose to keep secrets about our truth?

The reality is that we are all talented, remarkable, magnificent beings who can accomplish many wonderful things.  It's important to understand that without the loving guidance of a friend or new acquaintance we may never understand our full potential, or at the very least it may take us a very long time to find it.

Sometimes we hold onto truths because we think they are special just for us.  Sometimes we hold onto them because we are afraid of lack, afraid of giving away our secrets to success; as if sharing an idea with someone could ever keep you from success.

The Course In Miracles suggests that by 'giving all to all' you are trusting fully in the presence of the magnificent Creator.  By giving all to all you are making room for more to come.

We think if we give everything to everyone that we will be left with nothing.  That could not be further from the truth.

What if in sharing an idea with someone it gives them permission to open their own minds and potential?  What if in sharing your idea with someone they realize that this is just the idea that they've been searching for and it frees you up to do something even more daring and passionate?

Just look at me.  If a few very special people would not have opened their hearts and shared their gifts with me I wouldn't be embracing my artistic and creative nature.  I wouldn't be spreading joy and love to those who get to bring my artwork home with them. 

This world needs love and joy like a beaver needs his teeth!  The more we encourage and share with others, the more we spread the love and joy, the better off this world is.

I believe that all of my talents are God given and God driven.  Nothing is my own creating, nothing is my own doing.  It is all guided and lead by a force greater than anything we could ever imagine.

Whatever I have learned I will give away.  Because it is only in the giving that we are able to receive.

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