Monday, December 31, 2012

The Power of Love

I adore the quotes of Mother Teresa.  She has been known to say things like "Spread love wherever you go.  Let no one come to you without leaving happier." and "Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand."  She was a woman who knew the true power of love.  She knew it as a healer, as a forgiver, as a redeemer.

She didn't get to know this love because she was more special than you or I.  She simply took the time to believe in the power of love and apply it in her life and in her vocation.

My mind and heart have been overflowing lately with feelings of gratitude and love.  For anyone that's been in a position of absolute joy over the simplest things you will understand the power within these sensations. 

Just today I was out walking the dog with my husband and I was a couple of steps behind the two of them and as we walked in silence I got this sudden urge to reach out and touch my husbands back.  In that moment my entire body began to vibrate with a force of love so powerful that I an overwhelming joy bubbled up inside of me.  Instantly I was transported to a moment of absolute gratitude for each and every thing in my life.  Every morsel of doubt, disappointment, fear and uncertainty was embraced by appreciation.  Every gift and miracle of my life experience seemed to be highlighted in brilliant light.  It all happened so quickly, but it left me lingering in thought over the power and force of true love.

I don't know where this sensation came from and yet I knew that it was something I had access to whenever and wherever I need it.

I wonder what moments like that do to our mind, body and spirit?  I wonder what kind of healing occurs when we allow ourselves to open up and receive that love and joy?

Thoughts of love and gratitude have the magical ability to transport us into another space and time. 

When we experience sensations of intense love and gratitude we find ourselves forgetting all of our setbacks and challenges and we begin to see only a life of perfection; even if it is just for a moment.

It is in this moment that I feel like powerful healing takes place and it makes me wonder; what if we made the decision to love the things in this life experience that seem unloveable?  What if we began to love cancer?  What if we began to love mental illness?  What if we began to love war?  What if we began to love poverty?

Not just 'send loving thoughts and energy' but LOVING it!  Opening your heart, allowing it in, seeing it's divinity and loving it completely.

Maybe what I am saying sounds crazy.  That wouldn't be surprising to me.

But each and every thing in this life whether we experience it directly or indirectly has something to teach us about ourselves and about the truth of this life.  Each and every thing is a gift.  Some things we fight as though our lives depend upon it (and sometimes our lives do depend upon us getting rid of something we don't want); my heart and brain want to explore loving these things to the depths where fear no longer exist, where we understand that to love something so deeply is to understand it, to welcome it and to acknowledge that it is something we can ultimately use to awaken from this sleep we are in.

What if love is the answer to all of life's challenges?  What if love is all we need?

I'm beginning to think it is.

I'm beginning to believe in the power of love, not just as a concept but as a real, living, breathing companion to life. 


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