Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Innocence Found

We are all seeking Love.

Truthfully though, we have no idea how to go about finding it.

We fight, argue, get frustrated, increase our expectations, lie, cheat and sometimes steal in the name of love.

And still it eludes us.

Sometimes we spend a lifetime making a career out of giving everything we have to everyone around us in the hopes that we will feel and be loved.  And still (most often)...nothing.

It's like eating cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner and still expecting to lose weight!


What if there was a way to stop this insanity?  What if there was a way of actually receiving the love that you so desperately seek without all of the 'work' that goes along with it.  Would you sign up?

Afterall, we are beings created from love; it shouldn't really be all that hard to find it!

One thing that I find has been really filling me with love lately, is seeing the innocence in others. 

Especially the ones who are constantly wanting us to love them and who have no idea that their way of seeking love from us is literally driving us to drink! 

The wife who feels neglected, the husband who feels unappreciated, the parents who feel disrespected, the employee who feels taken advantage of, etc., etc., etc.

All of these scenerios call for us to look for the innocence in the other person (and especially in ourselves).

Okay, let me put it this way.  If every single being on this planet is here to learn how to love.  And every single being on this planet is seeking love.  Then it makes sense that we are all innocent in our search! 

I mean, I didn't get a roadmap to finding love.

Did you? 

I didn't think so!

We are all children wanting to be loved.  Some know how to get it and some have found it.  Others are still seeking and still more are pushing the people they want love from the most, away.

The difficult part of seeing innocence in others may be in your perspective of what that other person has done or what you feel they deserve.  Well, none of that matters, so you can get that out of your head or at least know that you can still practice finding innocence even if you currently believe something different about the situation.

What I find happens for me when I see someone's innocence, I simultaneously see my own innocence.  Where there is innocence there is forgiveness, where there is forgiveness there is love.

Of course (because I'm not done learning yet either), I've yet to experience this as an automatic response to any given situation, however when I do apply it (even on the past stuff), it's extremely powerful.  That empowerment is what keeps me motivated to keep seeing the innocence in everyone and everything.

Go on, give it a try!

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