Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Am Wildly Successful

These are the words I wrote in my journal last night.

Not as an affirmation, or something I am hoping to manifest in my life, but as the truth.  I felt this message move through my body, bringing with it a flow of joy I hadn't felt in a very long time.

This message did not come from my mind.  It came from my spirit.

After I wrote them, I looked back at what had happened throughout the day and I realized how true the statement really was.  Not because I made a million dollars and not because I'm known worldwide (that I know of) as some amazing healer/artist/speaker/whatever.  Actually, the complete opposite.

It's true simply because all day long I had been me.

I did some laundry, called the A/C repair guys, spoke to a trusted and dear friend, spoke to my mum in law (equally trusted and dear to me), drew an energy portrait for a friend's birthday, took the dog for a walk, laid on the couch, went to a meeting for a fall speaking engagement, gave hubby a hard time about the volume level when he passes gas (okay, I know, too much info?).

The point I am trying to make is that I was right where I needed to be, I wasn't struggling to be somewhere else.  This makes me wildly successful!

I am successful when I am accepting of what is.  I am successful when I am fulfilled in doing the everyday 'mundane' tasks.  I am successful when a friend tells me that my words inspired her or gave her a hand up and out of a situation.  I am successful when my children tell me they love me.  I am successful when I don't burn dinner.  I am successful when I go where I am guided to go and do what I am guided to do.

I am successful when I let go of the expectations I put on myself.

It is when we release the struggle that full access to our truth is revealed to us.

What would you do if right now you realized that you are already wildly successful?  What would you be able to do differently in your life?  What would that feel like and look like to you?

So many of us are struggling, like salmon swimming up stream hoping to get to the promise land.  Just to find more struggling ahead.

The funny thing is that we are choosing the struggle instead of choosing to see ourselves as already wildly successful right where we are!  YOU ARE CHOOSING!

Try it for yourself.  Sit with your eyes closed for a moment and say the words "I AM WILDLY SUCCESSFUL" in your mind.  Let this information move through your body and tell me it doesn't feel right to you.


  1. You are wildly successful! Great post Jenn.

  2. Another thing that helps is realizing that while tomorrow may be full of fabulous, amazing activities, and it's ok to look forward to them; don't waste today by thinking about tomorrow. Today is HERE. Tomorrow MAY come. Or it may not. But today I am alive and healthy and so is my family. Appreciate what is in front of you, for sure.

    You ARE wildly successful, Jenn.


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