Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finding Balance

I always have funky dreams.  Most of them are spot on in letting me know where I am and what I need to address in my life.

Of last night's dream I remember different scenes with lots of people, the recurring message of "Nothing is in balance in this life.  Your work and play are not balanced.  Your relationships, marriages, children are not balanced.  You are striving more and more each day for balance and you are getting further and further away from it.  Nothing is in balance and this is something that needs to change." came from a disembodied voice.  It didn't matter what the scene was about, the message was the same.  It played over and over again until I woke up.

I took the message in and applied it to my life.  Yep!  Right on.  And I got the sense that this message is for every one of us. 

The message seems clear enough.  And I think most of us could agree that we rarely feel balanced in our day. 

We're working far too hard for far too little pay.  We're struggling to keep our relationships together at the expense of our own needs, feelings and fears.  We're giving to our children in copious amounts so they can experience what we didn't as kids (or we're trying to cover up our own guilt and shame about something).  Illness and obesity has become the norm; so has complaining about the cost and availability of medication and proper health care.  The list goes on.

Being out of balance in our own life and in our own selves is a call to action.  It's a message that it's time to stand up and be courageous enough to make the necessary changes for our own well-being.

And courageous you will have to be.  It means taking a look in the mirror and admitting to yourself (and only yourself) that changes need to be made in order to bring balance into your life. 

The truth is you already know what you have to do.  The challenge is getting past the fear of lack or failure (two big fears we all own). 

Stop telling yourself that you can't have a fabulous career AND appropriate resting/down time at the same time.  Stop telling yourself that you have to stay in that crappy, abusive relationship because you don't know how you would manage without that person.  Stop selling yourself short.  Stop working your ass off for little pay because you think your clients can't pay you more and you are afraid of losing business.  Stop creating imbalance in your life.

Yes I said Stop creating imbalance in your life.  Imbalance isn't something that is happening TO you.  It's something you are creating.

Balance is a natural Universal state.  The Universe, the earth, the air we breath, the way our bodies operate and everything around us are all perfectly balanced.  What isn't balanced is how you think about these things.  You feel things SHOULD be different or maybe you believe that you have to be exhausted at the end of your day in order to feel productive.

Take a look at how you are thinking about your life.  Take a look at the areas where you feel stuck, unsupported, unappreciated and imbalanced; see if you can find the courage to change the way you think about your life so that you can make the changes needed to bring more balance in.

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