Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pretty Woman.....

So I'm in Toronto for a couple of days with my hubby.

He's sitting in a chair in a Water Conference all day while I've been out shopping my little heart out {smirk}.

I went to the mall with a little list of 'essentials' that I needed to get.  Instead I spent 3 hours in the change room of Suzy Shier with the World's Best Salesperson at my beckoned (spelling?  who cares!) call.

And while I stood at the checkout and wondered if I should put some things back she gave me 'the look'.  Now this look isn't something that most salespeople will give you.  Most will allow you to put back your entire purchase if you so choose.  Not this girl.  I took one dress away and she said to me "that's all you're allowed to put back".

I laughed my ass off!

She was spunky, super stylish and didn't let me put my own clothes back on until she had exhausted every single possibility in that store!

She deserves a medal.  I was walking into that store to 'browse' and maybe grab a white tank top.  Instead I walked out with twenty pieces of clothing and twelve pieces of accessories!  This from a girl who used to hate to shop!

And just yesterday I was talking with my Image Expert friend Denise Rivait about salespeople and how usually they are out just to make a buck and while this girl definitely earned her commission today she steered me clear of some things that would've been a big mistake.  I appreciated this immensely since I totally suck at buying things for myself!

Did you know in 3 hours in the same store you can make a lot of new friends.  One girl and I were going head to head in a competition of who would look better in the same blouse.  We even suggested going out for lunch and drinks after we were done.  What a hoot!

Here's a crappy snapshot of my purchase minus the accessories.

Hubby should be arriving back to our hotel room any minute.  He's due for an imprompu fashion show and then we'll be heading out for Thai.

I could get used to this life! 

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