Thursday, March 29, 2012

Don't Wait!

The biggest absurdity of life, I think, is the fact that we believe we are alone.



With all these people living on this planet right now at this moment, we feel alone!

How crazy is that?

We feel alone when we're sad, worried and stressed out.  We feel alone when we've lost a loved one.  We feel alone when we are going through a traumatic experience, lost a job or blew a tire on the freeway.

The truth is we are never alone.  In every moment that you are having a life experience someone else is having the same life experience (just with different characters and geographical location).

The truth is that if in any moment of need you were to reach out and touch someone (remember that commercial?) you would realize how very much NOT alone you were.

So why do we wait to reach out?  Why do we ASS U ME that we are the only ones having a difficult time (poor me!)?

How is it serving you emotionally, physically or mentally to remain in this desperate space and not reach out for help?

This is a tough one to admit, isn't it?  Maybe somewhere in your being you enjoy being in this desperate place all alone with no one to help you.  Maybe it proves one of your limiting beliefs that no one cares about you or you are unloveable.  This is stuff you need to think about and resolve when you are in a crappy mood or a crappy place in your life, or you may never conquer it!

Personally, my funky moments (of which some of them dragged on entire years!) felt comfortable because if I was in a funk then how could I be expected to be successful.  I was afraid of success because success to me meant hard work, being away from my family and maybe losing people I loved.  Funks kept me from living my full life.  Funks confirmed my belief in myself that I was unworthy of anything productive or positive in my life.

Now, I am convinced that I cannot do anything alone in my life.  I am convinced that being a successful mother, wife, entrepreneur, artist, healer, yada yada yada is contingent upon my reaching out to others for help (and being that help when I am reached out to). 

When we reach out we can lift eachother up.  We can help someone realize their worthiness and potential at lightning speed if only we reach out to eachother.

I have heard some of my friends say things like "I feel bad bothering someone with my stuff.  I feel like a loser like I can't figure this out on my own.  I don't want to waste anyone's time".

This is just more of that limiting belief crap that floats through our heads.  Ignore it and call someone anyway.

We can't expect people to be there for us if they have no idea what is happening in our life.  We can't expect someone to help us find our way out of the darkness if they don't know that we have forgotten our light.

So, reach out.  Don't wait.  And if you don't feel you have someone in your life you trust to reach out to.  Then reach out to me.  I'll help you because I know you would do it for me, wouldn't you?

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