Saturday, March 10, 2012

How To Become More Spiritual

Don't you just love that title?

"How to become more spiritual" is something that many people I've come into contact with lately have been asking about, stressing about and beating the hell out of themselves over!

When they 'mess up' they chastize themselves for not knowing better.  Because we all know truly spiritual people know EXACTLY how NOT to 'mess up'.


So, I thought I'd do the human race a huge favour by giving you the secret to spiritual success.  You can thank me later :)

Do you have your pen and paper handy? 

Are you listening?

Okay, here goes....

Stop trying to learn HOW to become more spiritual and start seeing that everything you do in every moment of the day is a spiritual moment, it is an act of a spiritual being.

If you STOP obsessing over HOW to be more spiritual you will see that you already ARE as spiritual as it gets.

It's not in your meditation practice.  It's not in your yoga practice.  It's not in the kind of clothes you wear or how many vibrationally charged healing stones you carry in your pocket.  You don't need a 'sacred space' in your home or office to make you spiritual.  You don't need to know how to chant, pray or practice forgiveness.  You don't need to spend tons of money buying programs and books to teach you about spirituality.  None of these things is relevant to your spirituality.

And although these things are fun to take part in and make life a little more manageable and awesome; here's why you don't NEED them.

YOU are a SPIRITUAL being. 

Baby, you were born this way!

But HOW do I not try to be spiritual?  (Do you see the problem here?)

Today, I am doing laundry.  I am a spiritual person doing laundry.

Tonight I will watch my son play hockey, I will most likely yell for him to skate harder and pass the puck (for the love of GOD!).  I will be a spiritual person watching hockey and yelling at my son to play a better game.

Tomorrow, I will sleep in, eat eggs for breakfast, invite families into my home for meditation and then go to bed and all the while I will be spiritual.

Do you get my message?

Can you let go of the obsession of 'becoming' spiritual and relax a little into the wisdom that you ARE that and there is nothing else you seek.

It's kind of like looking for your glasses when you are already wearing them!  We have been searching for a way to be spiritual when all along we have been the ultimate spiritual being!

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