Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Funkity funk funk funk

This morning I woke up with a slight case of 'funk'.

Funk.  You know that sinking feeling in your gut like things aren't quite right and you might be better off not getting out of bed.

That's funk.

If funk had it's own 'side effects' label it would look something like this:

"those with funk may experience a heaviness in the chest and an increased need for air.  You may experience your body feeling like a house of bricks making it difficult to move around or get off the couch.  Funk deteriorates eyesight and you may find it difficult to see the things you should be grateful for and you will definitely have a difficult time seeing all the amazing things you've experienced in the past.  Funk messes with the digestive system, making your stomach jump, flip and turn like you are on a roller coaster that you can't get off of.  Fatigue, loss or increase in appetite, a general sense of 'who gives a fuck' are often related to funk.  Some may experience loss of direction and may be found wandering aimlessly through the house, the grocery store or the office.  Nervousness and anxiety are also common side effects of funk."

Funk is not contagious and is thankfully curable!

I used to let these kinds of days embrace me, except funk doesn't embrace you gently, funk kind of puts you in a head lock and repeats 'say Uncle' until you do.

Now, I put some upbeat music on, or I throw on one of my healing chant cd's.  I sometimes make myself a cup of tea and get out my pastels and see what kind of creation comes out of it.  Sometimes I dance to that music and just let my body move.  Today, I'll take the puppy for a walk (puppies are like kryptonite to funk btw), throw on that music and draw my little heart out.

What do you do when the funk hits?

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