Monday, October 17, 2011

If You Can't Trust Yourself.......

I woke up this morning with this thought in my head.

"If you can't trust yourself....who can you trust?"

I can't tell you how many times I have been questioned because I made a decision based on my gut instincts.  People don't like it when you trust yourself more than you trust them.

I've had even more moments where I've regretted NOT following my gut instincts and going along with the status quo.

This early morning thought got me digging a little deeper. 

For instance, how many people are out there walking around with no trust in themselves.  Who have no idea that their stomach is turning because it's trying to tell them something really important or that the reason why they get a massive headache everytime they are in certain situations is because they'd be better off avoiding such people, places and things.

My favourite are those that see a psychic every other month to get 'direction'. 

**disclaimer:  I am not, nor have I ever been against psychic readings, I love them, I have had 3 in my lifetime and they have all been amazingly accurate.  I think it's great that we can get some guidance when we are at our wits end and cannot seem to get our head on straight **

I view outsourced intuitive guidance as a road map to use when you are so lost you can't even find your way back to the main road.  To over use this service is to negate your own inner wisdom (that same wisdom that a psychic taps into when giving you your reading!)

So let me ask you this question.  If you don't trust yourself enough to ask yourself the tough questions, how much can you really trust that person across the table from you telling you that soon you will meet Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome, get married and have 5 kids before May of 2013?


You're probably laughing right now, but this happens ALL the time!  And the part that is so frustrating is to watch someone you care for walk around living their lives based on what that intuitive told them would happen!  YIKES!

Wouldn't it feel better when at the end of the day you could say to yourself "hey, you listened to your gut instinct about that issue and look how great that turned out".  And wouldn't it feel even better if you weren't always questionning how life unfolds because it's not what the tarot cards told you?

I'm just saying....  If you are trusting someone else more than your trusting yourself then your in for some disappointing times.


  1. "People don't like it when you trust yourself more than you trust them." Ooooooh. That's such a good statement Jenn. I can't even get into the number of levels on which I find this amazing and applicable.

    Also: I actually "use" tarot cards in the name of trying to get more in touch with what's going on in my head, rather than as an outside source. But...that's my special personal brand of woo-woo, can't say it's true for everyone. I just know that nothing's funnier than a reading when you're trying to get away from an inevitability...and the cards only back up what your inner voice is already telling you. Yeah...woo-woo....that's me.

  2. Haha! I was trying really hard not to 'bash' the intuitives, being one myself :) lol I've just ran into too many people who use them for every major decision and then follow that advice like it's gospel. It's unnerving to see them walking around life ignorant to all the great stuff coming their way and dismissing it because it doesn't match the exact description of what they were told.
    No disrespect to the card readers and intuitives as I said I totally love getting psychic readings and I love that we have that service and that people can access them when they are totally stuck :) Thanks for reading 18 channels! It's great to hear from you :)

  3. Totally know what you mean...I always joke that if I was president, I wouldn't make policy decisions based on tarot cards, but as a personal experience I enjoy them.

    I actually find that a lot of my anxiety in life is alleviated when I remember that anxiety is my body just trying to tell me something. Lots of times there's an immediate correction or adjustment I can make that addresses and alleviates some of the anxiety...!

  4. lol....

    Anxiety is like a big flashing sign that says 'just relax'... lol


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