Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Trouble with Growing Up

My kids are growing up...  and FAST!

They are no longer interested in the things we used to do to keep them occupied.

They spend their time in front of the XBOX or handheld game, texting on the cellphone or hanging with friends in town.

They turn down offers of trailriding on bikes, excursions to the beach to look for glass and even trips to the ice cream shop!  In fact, we are currently engaged in the discussion of why the 14 year old cannot stay home alone for 10 days while we are away at the family cottage on vacation!

What is my world coming to?

I found myself feeling a bit sad this morning at the thought that my role as mother has come to a sort of standstill.  Of course, I know it will never be a stale role, that there will always be something I will be needed for as a mother.  However, the part of this role that states it is my duty to keep my children lovingly entertained, giving them ways to express themselves and exert energy are long gone!

They are who they are!  They have put themselves in charge of their own happiness and entertainment!

This is a VERY good thing!  Why does it feel so sad?

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  1. I think sadness comes because it's an end to an era, an end to the role as you used to see it. It's definitely not the end of the role.


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