Monday, July 18, 2011

Ask the Boss

When was the last time you ran your thoughts and ideas past the boss?

I'm not talking about the guy at the office that signs your paycheques.  I'm talking about your heart!

When was the last time you ran an idea past your heart?

Let's face it half the stuff your mind thinks you should do, your heart would never agree with!

That's where the inner struggle begins. 

When you've been doing too much thinking and not enough feeling in a situation you will no doubt begin to experience a tightness in the chest and fluttering in the tummy!

It's like a built in alarm system in our bodies that goes off when we aren't being true to our hearts desires.

As I prepared for bed last night I realized I've been doing a lot of things based on what my mind thinks I should be doing and haven't once run it past my heart to see if she was in agreement.

I can easily tell by my emotional state and my level of energy that I've been 'mind driven' for a while. 

That monkey mind that plays it's story tapes all day long 24/7 can wear a girl out! 

My mind will wander in every which way, making life seem more complicated than it has to be.  And because I haven't once brought that information into my heart to see if it's true for me, I have gotten caught up in the tide and have been swept out into the ocean of 'useless bullshit' thinking.

And if it's not feeling good then why am I doing it? 

That is a very good question.  I think I'll run it past the boss.


  1. Haha, I actually dumped a load on one of my actual bosses at work recently. It went very well :)

  2. :) Good to hear it landed on him in a positive way!


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