Thursday, June 30, 2011

Speaking in Tongues

WARNING:  this post might confuse the heck out of you.  Do not operate heavy machinery while reading this post.  Do not attempt to cook a meal while reading this post.  Taking too long to read this post might make you as crazy as I am.  You've been warned!

I might be better off today, if I wrote in some mysterious ancient language.  At least it might seem more exotic or mysterious.

Instead it's just going to be me trying to piece words together that may or may not make sense.

Because lately, it feels like english doesn't make sense to me.  In fact, nothing about my life is making any sense to me.  I feel a bit like I'm walking in a fog and God only knows if I'm about to step off the edge of the earth.

I know there are things I need to do, clients to see, dinners to make and still I feel like my eyes are only half open.  I had to keep looking down at myself to make sure I had gotten dressed today because even in my 'going out of the house' clothes, I feel like I'm still in my pj's.

Does anyone else feel like they need to stay in bed for a week (you can nod and agree if you want to, no one can see you)?

Maybe it was that asteroid that nearly hit earth the other day and shifted the gravitational pull (or something like that, I wasn't paying attention).

It's not just me.

I got home from a meeting this afternoon to see that my youngest decided to take a nap.  He's eleven, so any chance of him agreeing to lay down in the middle of the day is nil!

I think I've sprouted 10 different personalities over the past month.  And they all want air time....  It's ridiculous!

I mean, I can't even think of 10 names to call them!

I wonder what would happen if I gave them each their own blog??? 


I might as well be walking through life backwards these days.  At least that way I'd have a better view of what I've missed.

At the bakery today, I handed the girl a $10 bill and then waited for change.  She stood there staring at me because I had my hand out and my change purse open to receive change.  She said "did you need a bag or something?" and I looked at her, looked at my purse and realized the total was $10 and there would be no change. 

Yep, I'm good for a laugh these days.

Gosh I feel so fucked up dazed and confused....

Aren't you glad you popped over today for a visit?



  1. Hey there lady --- you sent me a mini angel reading with the highlight being -- that I need to be especially caring to myself with respect to my emotions and thoughts, as I am experiencing rapide growth. So right back at ya honey. You are perfection, so don't beat yourself up. My dazed & confused is losing and/or misplacing things....for which I typically beat myself up, as "I should know better", "I should take care of my things better"......And I nave to laugh because pretty much everything I've lost or misplaced has found its way back to me in quick order....except my Enso travel clock.....that's been disappointing, as someone found it, said he'd drop it off to return it and has not. He'd called to say he found it, couldn't find a use for it himself, so was calling me to arrange to a drop off point for me to pick it up. I showed up, no one heard of him....and I'm out my clock. I guess he decided it was useful to him and decided to keep it, yes?? Beat myself up about that one?!?!? At any rate, I agree there's some kind of shifting going on and we're all in the process of adjusting. Know you're not alone.

  2. Hmmm, maybe YOU don't have a use for that clock any longer :) lol
    V, your words couldn't have come at a better time! Thank you for your encouragement and for sharing your message with me!

  3. I can relate Jenn. I've been feeling unsettled and not my usual self frequently. I'm glad we can receive support from friends like you when we are having these times. I know we know they will pass, and that doesn't always help when we are in them. Echoing V from above, be kind to yourself.

  4. Be kind to you too Rosemary! <3


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