Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Benefits to Humanity

This week I got to meet a 16 year old boy who has autism.

His parents brought him to State of Being for a Reiki session;  they had been all around the world seeking healers to heal him of his 'issue'.

His parents were evaluating my skills as a healer to see if I could help their son.

He took his Reiki through his Mother as a surrogate.  He didn't let me touch him.  He didn't want to be here.

His energy was saying "leave me alone" throughout the entire session.

Leave me alone.

He had endured different healers poking and prodding at him for years.  Endured his parents seeking out people who might be able to 'fix' him.

Granted his parents love him very much.  He doesn't see it like that, he sees it as not being accepted for who he is.

I could see the gift that this beautiful boy had brought to the world.  I could see the joy and love in his sisters faces as they watched him move around the room and touch everything in sight.  I could see the pain and exhaustion in his parents eyes.

The boy doesn't know he has a challenge.  He thinks he is just fine.  It's the perception of the parents that says he has something wrong with him.

This boy and his family touched me, because it made me realize how much I had been denying my own imperfections.

I have been the one in my own life who has been searching out 'cures' for what I see as challenges, deficiencies and defects.

I began to wonder this week what would happen if I just embraced all of that, accepted it and moved on.

I had told the parents of this boy that their son was a gift to them, brought here with a purpose to serve humanity by way of teaching patience and tolerance.  Both of which this world needs a whole lot of.  When you begin to see your son as perfect and as a blessing that is when you will see changes.  The changes won't be his, he will be the same.  The changes will be yours.  Your perception will have changed and that can change everything.

I thought long and hard about this message once my clients had left.

I realized that this message is for all of us.

For each one of us, our challenges, quirks and special personalities are serving a purpose to humanity. 

It's up to us to change our perception of each of these and accept them so that humanity can finally benefit.


  1. Oh my goodness Jenn, this post gave me chills... as a parent of a child with issues I did the same thing, searched and searched for answers, a diagnosis, a solution. Just as I was on the verge of giving up I realized that this child was not a problem to be solved or fixed but absolutely perfect and he was here to teach me so much about myself & the world. You are absolutely right, things did change in that moment and I'm so glad you have this gift that enables you to put the experience into such beautiful words. Thank you :)

  2. Mandy, you're input means so much to me. I haven't had the personal experience in this kind of situation like you have, but my heart went out to this family who was struggling and I could feel in every fiber of my being that there was nothing to struggle over.

  3. Jenn,

    This post mirrored one of my own on an online forum I just started with my best friend which looks at each woman (and each human being) as being okay as they are - flaws and all. The tagline is Living your authentic self with no apologies. We've got two posts up, and I'd love for you to check it out and give us your feed back, insight and perhaps come on as a guest writer.

    Check it out at

  4. Scribe; Thanks for stopping by and for the link, I can't wait to check it out... And for sure if you are ever in need of a guest writer, I'm your girl! Cheers!


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