Thursday, May 26, 2011

Like Martha Stewart....with a twist....

Is it just me or is everyone ready for a change?

Not just a little change.  A big, stinking, your whole world will never look the same again, change!

My hyper-sensitive change radar has been on overdrive the last month and I just can't shake the need to reinvent myself. 

Completely reinvent myself.

Maybe it's my intuition telling me there is something grander coming my way (I do recognize this feeling from other times I've had to totally step up to the plate and take action). 

Maybe it's time to clear the slate and start fresh....

Whatever it is, I feel like I could move to a desert island and never look back.

But that would be running away from the issue and eventually some native tribe would take me in and I'd get tired of them too, then I'd be looking for another deserted island (because clearly the first one wasn't deserted enough for my liking).

If I were to create a recipe for change it might look like this:

2 cups of 'say what you feel, not what you think others want to hear'
1/2 cup of 'give yourself a break already'
1 cup of 'kick those dead weight, negative, time draining people to the curb'
a pinch of 'breathe and relax'
2 TBSP of 'love yourself more than you love others'
1/2 tsp of 'mind your own business'
1/2 cup of shredded 'who gives a fuck what other people think of you'
1 cherry (because every recipe needs a cherry on top)

** I sometimes add a little 'embrace who you are completely' to sweeten it and make it a bit more fluffy, but this is optional until you get the hang of making the basic recipe **

Blend together gently, ease into a greased baking pan and pop that sucker in the oven. 

Serves 1

Is nicely complimented by a huge bowl of double chocolate fudge ice cream.

Calories:  0
Energy:  High and Limitless
Fat:  0 grams

And I thought I couldn't bake like Martha Stewart......  ;)


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