Thursday, April 7, 2011

Homework from H...E...double hockey sticks.....

I'm afraid to look in the mirror right now...

I envision bags of dark circles under my eyes.  Eyes glazed over, hair disheveled...  A slight tick having been developed...

This is how I feel every night my son has homework....

4 1/2 hours of math.  "Stupid math.  Dumb, ridiculous, probably won't even need it when I grow up...math!"

It's madness and mayhem when there's math homework to be done.

There are tears and screams (you'd think there was some kind of covert spy torturing going on here).  There are pleas to make it all go away.  Then calm, breathy "PLEEEEAAASSSEEEE, I can't do it annnnnyyyyymmooooorreeee".

I know what you are thinking....  This is TOTALLY inappropriate behaviour for a parent dealing with homework.  I can't help it...

Homework makes me CRAZY!

Aren't 6 hours in a day ENOUGH for our children to get learning in (ps, my son is a straight A student who gets his work done and often helps other students with theirs)? 

We have to use up a perfectly gorgeous evening trying to figure out whether or not image A has been turned clockwise or counter-clockwise???? 


After not seeing my kids all day long, we (I use the term loosely, as hubby quietly sneaks off to the basement when the "h" word is thrown around) have to deal with piles of homework, attitude and precious time wasted.

As of this moment I am boycotting homework.  I am sending a memo to my son's teacher tomorrow saying that under NO circumstances will homework be completed in this house.

I'm done with it all. 

Too fucking bad for you education system..... 


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