Saturday, April 2, 2011

"He works hard for his money... do do do do so hard for it honey....."

I'm a lucky lucky girl...

I have a hard working husband. 

His hard work and dedication to providing for me and our family allows me to stay home and pursue my passion for healing and affecting positive change.

We make a great team.

Part of my work means that I hear alot of people complain about money worries.  Fear of lack is a real block for most people in realizing their full potential or living the life they really want to live.

During these discussions, I quite often make the point that we need to have faith that we will be provided for and we need to trust that when we follow our heart's guidance that all will be well in the financial department.

This is often the response I get... 

"That's easy for you to say, your husband has a good paying job".

(record screech...........)  Hold up!

I usually let this comment go without giving it a second thought.  Never really knowing how to answer that, because yes he has a very stable and good job.  He gets paid well because he deserves it.  Sometimes working around the clock.  There have been days at a time when we haven't seen him because he is working and he has missed many special moments as well.

Tonight as we were (once again) packing up our restaurant dinner to go and leaving behind our plans of enjoying a nice evening listening to an acoustic duo because his pager had once again alerted him to a problem at work.  I began to think about why it is that he has to work so hard.

This is what I came up with...  He is the answer to my prayer of being able to do what I need to do.  He is the gift that the Universe has sent to my life so that I may be who I am.  Mother, healer, artist, writer and wife.  Without worrying where the money will come from.

He tirelessly provides for us.  Never fussing or questioning the time of day or the inconvenient moment of being called into work.

And as much as we have missed him at special occasions, I cannot imagine the emotions that run through him when he is the one being called away from the festivities.

So, my answer now when someone makes the comment of my good fortune will be this.

"Yes, I am extremely fortunate to have had the faith to step away from my 9-5 job and $12/hour paycheque and make the decision to stay home and follow my dreams, and in turn the Universe sent me a very reliable source of financial security so that I could enjoy that freedom.  And he does it because he loves me and believes in me.  And that makes me very very very fortunate.  Thank you for noticing."

The point is, we just never know what kind of grand plan the Universe has for us.  And right now in this moment you may not know how you are going to make ends meet and what if that's the point.  What if this is the moment that you have called into your life through prayer or wishing or whatever, to give you the opportunity to let go, believe, trust in the process.

All around us is abundance, it's just sometimes hard to see with our eyes closed. 

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  1. Yeah, nothing is secure. No job, no finances, nothing. We all try to reach a certain finish line that isn't attainable instead of appreciating what we have right now. I'm glad that your "right now" includes a fantastic husband and marriage. :)


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